18 Nov
Shop Now, Shop Local

ABA’s Holiday Marketing Assets: Your One-Stop Shop for Promoting Shopping Local, Gift Cards, and More

To help booksellers encourage customers to shop with them throughout the remainder of the year, ABA has created a range of digital assets.

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11 Nov
Marketing Meetup logo

Marketing Meetup Recap: Open Conversation

Discussion topics included marketing strategies that worked, favorite sessions from the year, and more.

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10 Nov
ABA Education logo

Stay Engaged With Customers on Social Media During the Holidays

Overall social media usage has increased during the pandemic, with the average engagement with posts per day increasing across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

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10 Nov
ABA Technology Meetup logo

November 12 Technology Meetup to Feature Open Conversation

This is the final meetup of 2020; a new series of Marketing and Technology meetups will begin in 2021.

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03 Nov
ABA Meetups Logo

November Meetups to Feature Open Conversations on Marketing, Technology

The Marketing Meetup will take place on Thursday, November 5, and the Technology Meetup will be held Thursday, November 12. These will be the final meetups for the year.

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28 Oct

Talk Marketing and Technology Strategies During November Meetups

The November meetups will both feature open conversations for booksellers to participate in. 

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27 Oct
November Is the New December

November Is the New December: Tell Your Customers to Shop Now

Booksellers are welcome to share these new designs with fellow local businesses to further spread the message to shop early and shop local.

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20 Oct
November Is the New December

New Designs Available: November Is the New December

As October turns to November, ABA has created a fresh set of designs to encourage customers to shop early and shop local.

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14 Oct

Top 10 Things to Know About: ABA’s Fall Marketing Campaigns

ABA has launched two fall marketing campaigns: “October Is the New December” and “#BoxedOut.”

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13 Oct
October is the New December, Buy Early Buy Local

Spread the Word: October Is the New December

All businesses, both bookstores and non-bookstores, are welcome to utilize these designs to encourage everyone to shop early and shop local.

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05 Oct

October Is the New December: Tell Your Customers Now

Booksellers are invited to share these designs, which feature book-themed messaging as well as general small-business messaging, with fellow local businesses to encourage everyone to shop early and shop local.

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28 Sep
October is the New December, Buy Early Buy Local

“October Is the New December” Designs Encourage Shopping Early This Holiday Season

In addition to the digital versions available, booksellers can print a book-themed version of the poster for use in-store and share a general version with fellow local businesses.

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23 Sep

Tell Customers to Buy Early, Buy Local With “October Is the New December” Designs

To encourage readers to start their holiday shopping now, ABA has created several images for booksellers to use in stores, on social media, in newsletters, and on websites.

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09 Sep

Marketing Meetup Recap: Holiday Marketing

Guest speakers discussed how to encourage customers to buy early, best ways to communicate with customers, programs and materials to boost sales, and more.

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08 Sep

Sign Up for the September 10 Technology Meetup on Eventbrite

All ABA member booksellers are invited to participate in upcoming Marketing and Technology Meetups; recordings of each event are featured in the Education Resources section on BookWeb.

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