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27 Sep

A Letter from ABA’s Advocacy Associate Manager, Philomena Polefrone

When I was a senior in high school, the best teacher I had ever met was fired for assigning a book of poems that one parent found inappropriate.

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31 Aug

Letter from Board President Tegan Tigani - The Ends Policies

ABA Board President Tegan Tigani explains changes in the ABA Ends Policies 2023–2024.

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18 Jan
ABA Board of Directors

ABA Announces 2023 Board Director & Officer Candidates

A ballot for the 2023 Board elections will be sent to ABA members via email the week of March 1.

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04 Jan
New Years Resolutions

ABA and Bookseller 2023 New Year’s Resolutions

In the spirit of the New Year and a fresh start, ABA has created some New Year’s Resolutions that might keep you on track and help you get the most out of your newly renewed membership.

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15 Jun
Britt Camacho, ABA Copy Editor

A Note from ABA’s New Copy Editor, Britt Camacho

ABA is excited to introduce Britt Camacho, ABA’s Copy Editor, who joined us in November 2021. For BTW, Britt shares her approach to editing, her past work in libraries, and her goals for her work at ABA.

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25 May
Ray Daniels, Chief Communications Officer

Member Advisory: New Chief Communications Officer Joins ABA

ABA is excited to introduce Ray Daniels, Chief Communications Officer, who joined us in November 2021.

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11 May
ABA Booksellers Advisory Council

Now Accepting Nominations for ABA’s Booksellers Advisory Council (BAC)

We are now opening nominations for four open spots on ABA’s Booksellers Advisory Council, which serves as a sounding board and advisory council on issues facing the bookselling community and ABA.

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20 Apr
TraffickCam Phone Hotel Room

How to Help in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

As ABA readies itself for its first in-person meeting since January 2020, safety is top of mind.

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20 Apr
Sara Lacey Graham

Meet Sara Lacey Graham, Executive Assistant at ABA

ABA is excited to introduce Sara Lacey, Executive Assistant, who joined us in July 2021.

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23 Mar
Daron Mueller, IndieCommerce Specialist

Meet Daron Mueller, An eCommerce Customer Support Specialist at ABA

ABA is excited to introduce Daron Mueller, one of our eCommerce Customer Support Specialists, who joined us in June 2021.

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15 Mar
Call for DEIC Nominations

Now Accepting Nominations for ABA’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee (DEIC)

Nominations are now open to fill two spots on ABA’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee, which serves as a sounding board and advisory council on issues related to antiracism, equity, access, and representation facing the bookselling community and ABA.

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25 Feb

A Letter from the Officers of the ABA Board

ABA's new Board offficers, President Christine Onorati and Co-Vice Presidents Kelly Estep and Angela María Spring, address the membership. 

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15 Feb

The Booksellers Insurance Program: What You Need to Know

Learn about the Booksellers Insurance Program. 

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02 Feb
DEIA Member Relations Manager, Elisa Thomas

Introducing ABA’s DEIA Member Relations Manager

Currently, Elisa is working on an ABA project focused on better serving bilingual and Spanish language stores, which includes compiling necessary resources and information.

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Independent bookstores act as community anchors; they serve a unique role in promoting the open exchange of ideas, enriching the cultural life of communities, and creating economically vibrant neighborhoods.


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