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This feature will allow you to offer gift cards as a payment option during checkout. This payment option also comes with a real time balance check which informs customers about the balance on their gift card and ensures the gift card covers the balance of the order. It also comes with real time redemption, meaning gift cards will automatically be adjusted when the customer’s order is submitted.
With this feature, you can also sell physical and digital gift cards on your website! These gift cards can be used as a form of payment both on your website and at the store as well.
To get started with Wordstock Giftcards:
  1. Contact Wordstock
  2. On your website, navigate to Store > Configuration > Account Information & Preferences > Store Features to request the feature

Gift Card as a Payment Method Configuration

Before you begin offering WordStock gift cards as a form of payment, please contact your WordStock representative and obtain the following credentials to use on your IndieCommerce or IndieLite website:
  • Wordstock Username
  • Wordstock Password
Once you have obtained these credentials:
  1. Navigate to Store > Configuration > Payment Methods
  2. Click ‘Settings’ next to Store Gift Card
  3. Expand Wordstock API Configuration
  4. Paste your credentials into the corresponding fields. Make sure there are no trailing or leading spaces when these are entered.
  5. Save
Once you have entered your credentials, you can enable Wordstock Gift Cards as a form of payment on your website. To enable this:
  1. Navigate to Store > Configuration > Payment Methods
  2. Locate “Store Gift Card
  3. Check the box to enable 
  4. Click ‘Save Configuration’
If a customer ever needs to check the balance on their gift card, they can do so through your website by going to the url: www.yourstore.com/giftcard/balance. You can post this link on your website for your customers to use,

Selling eGiftCards (Digital Gift Cards)

Wordstock Gift Cards can be sold on your website the same as regular gift card products! To begin creating and selling Wordstock Gift Cards please review the instructions on Creating Gift Cards as a Product For Sale.
After you create your Wordstock Gift Card product, you will also want to configure the language and image that is attached to these gift cards. You can access this menu by navigating to Store > Configuration > Wordstock Giftcards
  1. Recipient Email Settings - This copy will be sent to the recipient of the gift code once the order has been marked as ‘Completed’. This message can be edited.
  2. Checkout Completion Message - This copy will be displayed to the purchaser of the gift code once they have completed checkout.
  3. Customer Email Settings - This copy will be sent to the purchaser once the order for the gift code has been marked as ‘Completed’.
  4. Upload Image - This image will be displayed within the email sent to the recipient.
Once a customer purchases a Wordstock Gift Card they will be shown a checkout completion message alerting them that the code will be sent after order processing. The code will be sent to the recipient when the order is marked as ‘Completed’ and the purchasing customer will receive a confirmation email.
All gift codes issued through your website can be viewed under Store > Configuration > Wordstock Gift Cards > View. Here you can check the balance of all codes on your website by clicking directly on ‘Click to Check’ next to the gift code.

Processing Orders with Wordstock Gift Cards

Charging Wordstock Gift Cards

Once an order is placed using a Wordstock Gift Card it will automatically be redeemed and the balance will be deducted from the customer’s gift code. These orders will arrive in your queue as ‘Payment Received’ once they are submitted.

Refunding Wordstock Gift Cards

Full Refunds

When an order is marked as ‘Canceled’, the amount is automatically refunded to the customer’s gift card.

Partial Refunds

To issue a partial refund:
  1. Navigate to the order
  2. Click ‘Refund GC’ in the Payment Pane
  3. Enter the amount to be refunded (This cannot exceed the amount charged)
  4. Select the gift code
  5. Click ‘Refund
Once this button has been clicked, the amount refunded to the gift card will be reflected in both the Admin Comments and in the Payments tab on the order.

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