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Sales Tax Holiday

Many states have annual sales tax holidays! On these holidays, purchases can be made tax free and now you can offer these sales tax holidays through your website. With the Sales Tax Holiday feature, it is quick and easy to set up a period of time during which customers on your website will not be charged sales tax.
This feature could also be used as a promotional opportunity if you would like to waive sales tax for customers during a certain period of time.

WordStock Giftcards

This feature will allow you to offer gift cards as a payment option during checkout. This payment option also comes with a real time balance check which informs customers about the balance on their gift card and ensures the gift card covers the balance of the order. It also comes with real time redemption, meaning gift cards will automatically be adjusted when the customer’s order is submitted.

Switching Credit Card Processor - Checklist


►Select a credit card processor

►Sign up for Authorize.net

►Configure Fraud Detection Suite settings

►Generate API Keys

PayPal - Old

To offer Paypal as a payment option you (the store) must have your own Paypal account. If you do not have one already you can create one here.  Once registration with Paypal is complete, please send us a request from the Store Features page (Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Store Features) to enable the Paypal module. We will confirm once the module has been enabled so that you may begin configuring it.

Gift Receipts

Customers can request a gift receipt to be included with their order, with a (optional) gift message. Customers will also have the option to hide their address in the gift receipt.
The Gift Receipt pane on the checkout page:

Enabling Gift Receipt feature

Shipping Solutions

This documentation has been updated as of 10/8/2021 to include both Endicia and ShipStation integrations.
Using any one of our shipping integrations, stores can easily export their orders from their IndieCommerce or IndieLite site to create shipping labels. This integration will export your orders in a CSV file which you can then upload into your chosen shipping software. Currently only stamps.com and ShipStation provide the option to import tracking information back to your IndieCommerce site. 

Bulk Order Processing

The Bulk Order Processor is an IndieCommerce feature that will allow your store to process orders in bulk. It is especially helpful for moving orders from one order status to another or communicating with customers en masse. You can also use the Bulk Order Processor to send order emails to customers in bulk, add admin comments to orders in bulk, and print invoices. You can filter your orders by status, payment method, date, and/or SKU.

Processing Credit Card Orders

Processing Credit Card Orders

Please note: The instructions listed here are for 

IndieCommerce - Order Processing 201

Learn about the latest, advanced tools available for processing your online orders in bulk. In this webinar we will cover bulk order processing, printing invoices in bulk, exporting to shipping solutions, exporting to POS systems and generating custom sales reports. These new features will save your staff time and keep your customers satisfied.

Store Gift Card

When the store gift card is not through Givex a custom checkout pane can be enabled so that both the store gift card and credit card information can be collected for the order.


Stamps.com Integration

The Stamps.com module allows you to export orders from your IndieCommerce site to Stamps.com.  Once you process and ship these orders using the Stamps.com software or website, you can then import a file from Stamps.com to mark the orders as processed and email the tracking numbers to your customers.

First, ask IndieCommerce staff to enable the module for you.  You can do this through the store features page:

Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Store Features

Quick Note Field for Orders

The Quick Note field provides Store and Order administrators a field in which notes may be added to an order and displayed on the Order Administration page (Store > Orders).
A couple of  scenarios where other IndieCommerce stores have used this field:


As preorders are becoming an increasingly important way in which books are sold and marketed through stores, we’ve compiled a list of the Preorder features we offer.

NEW: Stores can now choose to show preorders as 'On Our Shelves Now' as long as the store is using Local Store Inventory and the preorder is present in the LSI file.


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