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The Browse Book page is a collection of popular titles based on Ingram’s ‘desirability’ ranking. The collection is displayed using Drupal ‘views’. There is also the ‘Browse Books’ block which can be used to filter books based on their BISAC codes. Though displayed together when visiting the /browse/book page, the view and the block can both be used separately. 


  1. Clone: If you are not familiar with Views, before making any changes to an existing view, we highly recommend that you "clone" the view and try out your changes on the clone version first.
  2. Saving changes: All changes you make to your view on the edit page are temporary until you click Save. For example, if you change the sort criteria and click OK in its window, the change will be lost if you leave the main view edit page without clicking Save. We highly recommend that you save your work frequently - especially when you see the message “All changes are stored temporarily. Click Save to make your changes permanent. Click Cancel to discard your changes.”
  3. Administrative names and descriptions: It will help you manage and identify your views and displays if you utilize the fields that allow you to add optional descriptions or names
  4. Apply options: When working in settings, always change the ‘For’ option from ‘All Displays’ to ‘This block (override)’ so that the changes you make only alter the block (or page) you are working on. The ‘Apply’ button should say “Apply (this display)”.


The Browse Book view, by default, has the following fields:
  1. Cover Image
  2. Title
  3. Author
  4. Sell Price
  5. Add to cart button
  6. Availability Status
..and is set to display in a 3 column grid format with up to 12 items on a page.
You may customize the view to have a different display format or to display different information. Below, we guide you through a couple of common customizations.
Navigate to: Structure > Views > Browse by Bisac Code


  1. Select ‘Grid’ under ‘Format’
  2. Select the preferred format - Example: ‘Table’
  3. Apply (this display)
  4. Configure the ‘Style’ - Example: Combine the title and author into one column

    1. Change the ‘Column’ for ‘ABA Print Books: Author List’ to ‘ABA Print Books: Title’
    2. Place a breakline <br> into the ‘Separator’ field for ‘ABA Print Books: Title’
  5. Apply (this display)
  6. Save


  1. Under ‘Fields’ select ‘Add’
  2. Search for ‘ABA Print Books: Isbn’ and select it
  3. Apply (this display)
  4. Configure the field as preferred - Example: Deselect ‘Create label’
  5. Apply (this display)
  6. Save


  1. Under ‘Fields’ select the down arrow next to the ‘Add’  button
  2. Select ‘Rearrange’
  3. Using the drag and drop arrow rearrange the fields into your preferred order
  4. Apply (this display)
  5. Save
Those are just a few of the most common customizations you can make to this view. Scroll through the lists of available fields to see what else you might be able to add. Can’t find something you’re looking for? Just send us an email and we’ll let you know if it’s possible.

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