The Marketing Tips That Worked in 2021

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The first Marketing Meetup of 2022, held on January 6, featured a discussion of the marketing tips that worked for booksellers in 2021. Watch the recording on

Try some of these tips in the new year:

  • Change up your email strategy! Use targeted lists to increase engagement and conversion rates. And, link to your website to drive traffic there. 
  • Use Edelweiss360 to simplify the e-newsletter process and create target lists to reach customers based on past purchases.
  • Promote shopping online via your e-commerce website or storefront.
  • Coordinate with other local stores to hold a bookstore tour, and create fun merch to promote the event. Add an incentive for visitors to share online, like a hashtag or a contest.
  • Consider paid advertising opportunities on social media and radio based on your customer base.