ABA Launches #TheFutureIsIndie Campaign To Counter Prime Day

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The future will be more diverse, more authentic, less corporate, more local, more community-oriented — The Future Is Indie.

The Future Is Indie: Anti-Prime Campaign“The Future Is Indie” campaign — this year’s brand new campaign to counter Am*zon Pr*me Day — champions the importance of independent businesses in shaping the future. The campaign seeks to inspire consumers to actively engage with independent businesses and make conscious choices that contribute to a better future — more economically sound, more vibrant, more interesting, and more diverse.

As Am*zon Pr*me Day approaches on July 11 and 12, this is a good time to remind your customers why it’s important to shop with you! 

The campaign explores the reader’s journey through the mystical take on a mini Oracle deck of six tarot cards. Everyone will be able to do fun and informed bookish readings as they relate to the indie bookstore experience from a reader’s perspective. The reading of the cards range from engaging one’s curiosity to fighting temptation to receiving personal recommendations. The future is clear — indies are here to stay. 

Campaign marketing assets created by ABA are now available, including digital assets, in-store displays, and recommended messaging for newsletters and social media. 

Additionally, “The Future Is Indie” T-shirts are available on Bonfire for purchase.

While these assets provide a consistent brand for independent bookstores, booksellers can customize the messaging for their respective stores’ needs.

Visit the Marketing Assets page on BookWeb.org now to download these new designs.