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Every page and event page has a ‘Books’ feature where you can create a unique list of products for users to review and add items to their cart by entering the Product ISBN, SKU or Model.

NOTE: We recommend keeping booklists to 10-15 items.


Navigate to: Content > Add Content > Page (or content type of choice)

  1. Enter ‘Title’ -  Example: ‘Exciting Summer Reads’
  2. Scroll to the ‘Books’ field and enter your first ISBN, SKU or Model
  3. Click in the white area above the box where you entered your ISBN so that the ‘gadget’ appears and pulls in your product. You should see your product information appear
  4. You have the option of adding a review
  5. Add Another Item
  6. Save

Repeat steps 2-5 until all preferred items have been added to the list.

You have now created your list and can add the page to any menu of your preference.

MANAGE BOOK LISTS IN BULK (IndieCommerce members only)

Bulk upload of books to book lists will allow stores to upload books and products to a book list by entering the ISBNs or SKUs in a form.

NOTE: This feature will be enabled on sites upon request; please write to [email protected] if you would like this feature to be enabled for your site.


Navigate to: Content > Add Content > Page
If the page already exists navigate to  ‘Content’, select the page and skip to step 5.

  1. Enter your page title
  2. Enter any details you want to include into the body (optional)
  3. Set your ‘Page Settings’

    1. Menu Settings: If you would like your page to be a clickable link in a menu, select ‘Provide a menu link’ and fill out the fields in this section.
    2. Authoring Information: The timestamp & user account associated with the page.
    3. Meta tags: If you want to customize the meta tags you may make changes here, we recommend leaving it to the default.
    4. URL Path settings: We highly recommend using the ‘Generate automatic URL alias’ option. However, if you'd like to make the web address of your page something specific, enter the address in the provided field.
    5. Revision Information: If you would like to create a new copy of a page, instead of overwriting your existing content.
    6. Book Outline: Can be used to create a Table of Contents.  Anything associated with a book will have automatically generated links to the prior and next topic in the book (see the Changing Hands Staff Picks page as an example).
    7. Publishing Options: - Is the page ready to go live? (At this point, most likely not, so make sure nothing is selected here).
  4. Save
  5. Select the ‘Book List’ tab
  6. Enter your list of ISBNs
  7. Save (If this page previously existed you can stop here)
  8. Select ‘Edit’

    1. At this point, you can add reviews (optional)
    2. Publish your page by selecting ‘Publish’ and ‘Save’


  • Submitting an empty form will remove all the books from the book list, along with their reviews.
  • Only 'Store Admins' have permission to use this feature (if you would like to include other roles please email [email protected].
  • The current method of adding book lists (manually one-by-one) will continue to work.
  • This feature will be available for any content type that has the book list field.
  • ISBNs / SKUs that are already in the book list will be listed on the form. You can edit, add, delete or rearrange the entries in the form.
  • 'Reviews' cannot be added as part of this form. If you would like to add reviews, after creating the book list you will need to go back to the page, select ‘edit’ and add the reviews one-by-one.




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