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Green Apple Video Demonstrates How to Buy E-books

Green Apple Books in San Francisco, California, has created a video explaining how to purchase an e-book from the store’s IndieCommerce website. In “Goooooogly Books (Google eBooks™), a bookseller explains to the customer, Sparky the sock, how purchases can be made. The video appears on the store blog, which makes it clear that price competition is no longer an issue, since the store can match most other e-book sellers. The post ends with a request:

“PLEASE help spread the word. Most people who read e-books don’t think of Green Apple as a go-to source. But now you can do your part to keep Green Apple thriving by telling your e-reading pals to buy them from us. Thanks!”

Orca Books Is a “Whale of a Bookstore”

Orca Books, the largest independent bookstore in Olympia, Washington, was recognized by the Seattle Times as part of what makes the city’s downtown “funky.” In addition to an eclectic neighborhood and a French-influenced bakery, the Seattle Times said, Olympia offers a “whale of a bookstore,” which is known for its Buddhism, science-fiction, and do-it-yourself sections, in addition to a wide selection of hard-to-find titles and unusual greeting cards.

The store is housed in an old building with long stacks of books and a bare concrete floor. A local artist painted a mural on several columns, which indicates what can be found in the aisles.

“A nature scene rises up out of the environmental and science section, and a spaceship and a spaceman dominate columns in the science-fiction aisle,” wrote Cathy McDonald of the Times. “I liked the specific country sections – if you wanted a memoir about South Africa or the history of French royalty, you knew where to look.”

Booklovers’ Gourmet Showcased in One New England

Booklovers’ Gourmet, in Webster, Massachusetts, was featured in One New England, an online magazine showcasing the people, arts, and culture of New England.

The bookstore, which in its 16th year, includes a cafe that serves hot, cold, and frozen drinks, as well as an assortment of freshly bakes pastries.

“I thought it would be nice to have a local place with events for the community,” owner Debra Horan told One. “I wanted to have gourmet coffee and cappuccino, a nice place to sit and relax and meet other like-minded people, reading and enjoying the arts. Nowhere else in town had this.”

Throughout the years, Booklovers’ Gourmet has evolved in order to remain current. It holds various events that spotlight local artists, as well as meetings for nonprofit groups. The store promotes itself via Facebook and a monthly e-mail newsletter.

“You have to do more than just sell books,” said Horan. “You have to bring people in to celebrate books, make it a community involvement, and promote the fact that books are important to the community.”