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Digital audiobooks available in independent bookstores (with pictures of book cover images) enables independent stores to sell digital audiobooks through a co-branded experience.

The audiobook market is experiencing double-digit growth each year. Now is the perfect time for your bookstore to start selling audiobooks!

  • It’s free and easy to sell audiobooks through
  • Earn 15% on every à la carte sale and 10% on membership payments.
  • integrates with IndieCommerce and Bookmanager.
  • Our free iOS and Android apps offer a great listening experience.
  • provides dedicated support for you and your customers.
  • All audiobooks are DRM-free.


Contact CEO Mark Pearson at [email protected].

Our Story

We’ve spent years wandering the aisles of local bookstores. Just like you, we place our love for books, readers, and authors at the heart of our business. We partner with over 9,000 booksellers across 1,400 bookstores to offer audiobooks to bookstore-supporters around the world. We look forward to getting to know you.

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Praise from booksellers


“We are truly in gratitude to have partnered with Your continued support speaks volumes. We look forward to building on our relationships to grow each other’s business. We will continue to promote initiatives on our social media sites and webstore. Gratitude!!” —Roderick, The Little Boho Bookshop

“From the beginning, has been a wonderful partner. They are easy to work with on the backroom side and offer a full range of audiobooks for our customers. Mark and his team have communicated with us on a regular basis about ways to improve our sales. Count us satisfied.” —Valerie, Blue Willow Bookshop

“You guys are a model in how these relationships should work. Thank you!” —Peter, Brilliant Books

“[Libro supports] indie bookstores and small business communities. Several large, online companies are working hard to smash small businesses as best they can. is another ally in the fight to preserve locally owned businesses run by local people. It’s a wonderful audiobook alternative I can offer my customers, which I like.” —Annie, The Neverending Bookshop

“Love and am so impressed with everything you do and are doing. Very proud to represent the company and passionately talk to customers about” —Charlie, Cafe Books

“Working with is such a pleasure, and we at Whitelam Books — and all the folks I know at other bookstores — really appreciate all that you do for us. Thank you!!” —Liz, Whitelam Books

“First, thank you so much for being a part of the change and conversations that are taking place! Thank you so much for highlighting Black-owned bookstores. I am really speechless.” —Michelle, The Collective Oakland

“All year long you folks are great at creating interesting/relevant playlists and programs and even all of the (beautiful!) graphics and fantastic help with all of the words we could ever want to use to spread the word via any/all media we choose. But this last week you have outdone yourselves! Supplying us with multiple amazing playlists, as well as graphics and thoughtful verbiage for us to use. All to help us help our customers get the books they are wanting to read/listen to right this very moment. Talk about all we could ask for (and more!) in a partner! Doing whatever you can to help our customers… outstanding. We so much appreciate it! Thank you!” —Elaine, Edmonds Bookshop

“Really can't say enough great things about you all — we’re really happy to be a part of the family :)” —Kelly, Mysterious Galaxy

“Thank you for all Libro is doing to support independent bookstores right now (and always). So glad we are a part of a community that includes you.” —Hannah, Ivy Bookshop

“You folks are so awesome! We're so impressed with how everyone handles our questions. You consistently help us exactly how we need and we appreciate you all for it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” —The Bookstore at Fitger’s Team

“Thank you for all has done this past year for indie bookstores, and for helping us here at Annie Bloom’s when customers have questions or need help with their accounts. We really appreciate it! I always feel really good about answering customer questions about and recommending it, knowing that if our customers have to contact you with a question you've always responded quickly and helpfully.” —Annie Bloom’s Books

Over 1,400 participating stores


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The American Booksellers Association, a national not-for-profit trade organization, works with booksellers and industry partners to ensure the success and profitability of independently owned book retailers, and to assist in expanding the community of the book.

Independent bookstores act as community anchors; they serve a unique role in promoting the open exchange of ideas, enriching the cultural life of communities, and creating economically vibrant neighborhoods.


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