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14 Apr

Bookstore Volunteers Help Promote Literacy

In celebration of National Volunteer Week, which runs from April 10 - 16, booksellers from Indigo Bridge Books and Open Books talk about the logistics of working with a team of community members happy to donate their time.

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02 Jun

E-Books 201: Focus on Staff Training and Customer Engagement

ABA Technology Director Matt Supko and Matt Norcross of McLean & Eakin Booksellers provided the latest updates and best practices for promoting Google eBooks™ and IndieCommerce sites at the Day of Education’s “E-Books 201.”

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28 Jul

Penguin Easel Promotes Indie E-book Sales

To promote indie bookstores and their ability to sell e-books, Penguin is creating customized easels for stores selling Google eBooks™ via their IndieCommerce websites.

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14 Jul

Harper’s Magazine “New Books” Columnist on His New Relationship With Indie Bookstores

Harper's Magazine  “New Books” columnist Benjamin Moser talks about his new column and why he's making his reviews available to indie booksellers via

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02 Sep

San Diego Indies Provide Newspaper Book Reviews

When the San Diego Union Tribune cut its coverage of arts and books, several area booksellers stepped in to provide the newspaper with book-related content.

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21 Oct

Coffee Talk: Booksellers on the Pros and Cons of Bookstore Cafés – Part II

Six indie booksellers offer insights on how a café can benefit the entire bookstore, its effect on the bottom line, and whether – after tallying all the added responsibilities and costs – they still think adding a café was a good idea.

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16 Dec

Retail Bookstore Sales Dip in October

Retail sales at bookstores in October were down for the seventh consecutive month. October 2010 sales slipped 2.5 percent compared with October 2009, according to preliminary figures recently released by the Bureau of the Census.

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14 Jul

Alamosa Books: Three Months In

Elizabeth and Sean Anker opened their children’s bookstore in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on April 3. "We have anything a teenager or younger is going to need or want to read,” said Elizabeth Anker.

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08 Sep

From Circus to Ape House: An Interview With Sara Gruen

Water for Elephants author Sara Gruen talks about her latest novel, Ape House, her research into bonobo culture and inter-primate communication, and the writing process.

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21 Oct

Retail Bookstore Sales Drop Again in August

August 2010 sales were off by 6.5 percent, compared with August 2009, according to preliminary figures recently released by the Bureau of the Census.

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