WordStock Integrates Book Sense Gift Card Program

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POS vendor WordStock recently announced that it has developed an interface to support full access to the Book Sense Gift Card Program. Booksellers must have high-speed Internet access and WordStock version 4.20C in order to integrate with WordStock. Installation fees will vary, and there is a $20 monthly fee in addition other Book Sense gift cards fees.

Using WordStock, booksellers can now accept Book Sense gift cards as a standard method of payment; sell and track Book Sense cards; automatically deduct amounts from cards; tell a customer how much money remains on the card; and add purchasing value to a card. Additionally, a report can be generated that provides transaction history and activation and redemption data.

The WordStock/BookSense Gift Card integration provides a secure, real-time transaction. Among other features, it includes the ability to activate cards at time of purchase and deactivate in the event of theft, loss, or fraud; create pre-set and flexible denominations; and replenish cards in-store or online.

For more information, including hardware requirements, click here or contact WordStock sales at (800) 753-WORD or [email protected].

No matter what method is used for processing cards, all booksellers have access to the WebPOS (processing over the Internet), store.givex.com, and the IVR (telephone back-up). For a flowchart outlining the different processing options, click here (PDF format).

For complete details about the Book Sense gift card program, click here.