Update Your Store Information on BookWeb

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To make sure that ABA staff has the most recent information about your bookstore, member booksellers can go to BookWeb.org’s “For Booksellers” menu and make changes by clicking on one of the three links under the “Update Store Data” heading. In this section, booksellers will find a set of forms where they can adjust their general store information, e-mail recipient preferences, and store buyers’ contact information.

Under the “Update Store Data” heading, booksellers can click on the Store Profile form and enter their most up-to-date information, which will be used for trade and consumer online directories so ABA can continue to offer its most relevant programs, services, and benefits. Changes will require three business days to take effect.

The ABA E-mail Recipient Preferences form under “Update Store Data” provides a space for booksellers to make changes to their contact information so that ABA communications covering a wide range of topics and specialties are delivered to the correct staff member. Stores can also designate a Main Store Contact who will receive all communications for all topics.

The Store Buyers form allows member bookstores to indicate who in the store should receive e-mails about offers in connection with ABA promotions such as Indies First and Indies Introduce. Booksellers can list four or more buyers in categories that cover adult front and backlist, children’s front and backlist, and other categories.

Booksellers with questions about updating their store information on BookWeb.org are invited to contact Senior Membership Manager Daniel O’Brien.