Tips From PartnerShip: Choose Your Packaging

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PartnerShip, an American Booksellers Association business service affinity partner, helps member booksellers save on shipments they send and receive. Here, PartnerShip shares some tips to help booksellers make better packaging decisions. To learn more about all of ABA’s affinity partnerships, visit’s Business Services page.

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Tips to Help You Choose the Right Packaging Size

Whether you’re shipping one package a day or hundreds, finding the right fit for your packaging can reduce costs and offer more protection for your products. Companies ― maybe even your own ― often use boxes that aren’t the right fit for the items being shipped. And to keep the item in place, they use a whole lot of paper or other material to fill in the extra space. While this may be necessary to protect fragile items, nonessential additional packaging can cost you big.

Here are some tips booksellers can use to optimize their packaging.

About PartnerShip

This tip is brought to you by PartnerShip®, the company that manages the ABA shipping program. For more information and to enroll in this free member benefit, visit PartnerShip online, e-mail [email protected], or call (800) 599-2902.