New Products and Programs Available With LIG

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ABA’s health insurance partner, LIG Association Health Program, recently announced exciting news regarding new products and programs available exclusively for ABA bookstore members.

In addition to the new products and programs outlined below, our partnership with LIG Solutions offers our members access to major medical health coverage, Medicare, employee coverage options, dental, vision, critical illness, and other supplemental coverage plans with solutions available at any time of the year.

The goal of the LIG Association Health Program is to offer our members choice with a full range of health coverage options, and deliver an actual concierge experience from their team of licensed agents, all while focusing on helping members get the coverage they need today and down the road. To that end, the team at LIG is always looking for new coverage solutions, and this includes the following recent additions to the program:

  • Global Health Coverage: This plan is for members who travel extensively or spend extended periods outside their home country. Coverage is available in more than 200 countries worldwide and works for members of all ages. Perfect for someone who lives in one country for part of the year and the rest in another, a student who will be studying abroad, or an employee who will be assigned to an overseas role for an extended period. Learn more by registering for this educational webinar.

  • Expanded Employer Coverage Options: In addition to the LIG HRA Group Program, members now have access to traditional group health plans for their employees. The team at LIG can now evaluate which will be the better solution for your business with either ICHRA or traditional group coverage, along with a full suite of voluntary benefits like dental and vision plans. Learn more by registering for this educational webinar.

  • Individual and Business Marketplaces: The LIG Association Health Program now includes two new marketplaces

    • Individual Marketplace: Shop for coverage for your pets, home and auto, boat, RV, motorcycle, ATV, vehicle warranties, the LIG Pharmacy Program, and more.

    • Business Marketplace: Includes coverage options for liability, director and officers, cyber, building & property, workers comp, flood, earthquake, and much more.

With all the existing LIG Association Health Program offerings and new products and programs, now is a perfect time to have an annual “health coverage check-up” to make sure you have the right plans in place — just like you have your yearly “physical” with your doctor. You can do this with no obligation or cost by scheduling an appointment with your LIG licensed agent or call (866-732-3028) for immediate assistance.