Long Delayed IndieBound Buy Button Switch to Bookshop Buy Buttons Finally Happening!

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One of the key pieces of ABA’s partnership with Bookshop.org — shifting the industry from IndieBound links to Bookshop.org links — was planned for 2020 but postponed during the uncertainty and anxiety of the pandemic. The shift to Bookshop.org buttons was planned to help eliminate consumer confusion, improve data for the indie channel, convert more consumers, generate more revenue for booksellers (thanks to a simpler purchase flow and higher conversion rate), and optimize the impact of Bookshop for independent bookstores. Now, beginning March 1, all of this will be possible, as IndieBound “buy” buttons will become Bookshop.org “buy” buttons with a new tagline emphasizing support for independent bookstores.

Since the launch of Bookshop.org in January 2020, independent bookstores have earned over $24.3 million on the platform. Many stores credit Bookshop.org with their survival during the pandemic, and Bookshop.org was a key factor in the profitability of many stores in 2021, accounting for +0.9% of the average 2.4% net profit per store in 2021 (source: ABACUS 2021). Bookshop.org now has over two million customers and, according to Bookshop.org’s customer research, 78% of them used to buy their books from Amazon when they shopped online and now support the indie channel via Bookshop. And all of this happened with one hand tied behind Bookshop’s back. This switchover frees that hand and becomes  a critical part of the effort to create a united front for the indie channel. The goal is to optimize global campaigns and customer awareness, and to lift all indie bookstore boats. Bookshop estimates this change could generate up to 15x more revenue for booksellers compared to their current revenue from IndieBound. 

IndieBound.org will continue to be active, featuring indie marketing, the Indie Next List and Kids’ Next List, the Indie Bestseller Lists, and, most importantly, the Indie Store Finder. 

The switch is scheduled for March 2023. Publishers, bloggers, and other IndieBound affiliates will be notified of the change and IndieBound buttons that are not replaced with Bookshop buttons will automatically redirect to Bookshop. Answers to questions about this switch can be found on BookWeb.