The July 2024 Indie Next List Preview

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Here are the 25 Indie Next List and 6 Now in Paperback picks on the July 2024 Indie Next List flier.

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The 25 July Indie Next List Picks

#1 Pick: The God of the Woods: A Novel
By Liz Moore
(Riverhead Books, 9780593418918, $30, July 2, Fiction)

“Liz Moore is on another level. The God of the Woods is the best kind of twisty story — not everyone is who they say they are, not everyone can be trusted, and everyone has something to hide. A missing person tale unlike any other.”
—Sarah Hutton, Village Books, Bellingham, WA

All the Colors of the Dark
By Chris Whitaker
(Crown, 9780593798874, $30, June 25, Thriller)

“An utterly beautiful and haunting story. No one writes characters like Whitaker — they’re flawed, but you can’t help but love them. I will be thinking about Patch and Saint for a very long time and can’t wait to sell the book!”
—Elizabeth Barnhill, Fabled Bookshop & Café, Waco, TX

Same As It Ever Was: A Novel
By Claire Lombardo
(Doubleday, 9780385549554, $30, June 18, Fiction)

“Unsurprisingly, this was absolutely brilliant. Lombardo writes human emotion and flaws incredibly. I can’t stop thinking about this book. It was smart, beautiful, and the most accurate depiction of a marriage I have ever read.”
—Greer Williams, Athena Books, Old Greenwich, CT

Sandwich: A Novel
By Catherine Newman
(Harper, 9780063345164, $26.99, June 18, Fiction)

“Catherine Newman has perfected the art of making you laugh out loud, then cry just sentences apart. This funny, tender story follows one family’s weeklong vacation in Cape Cod. Newman has crafted a story rich with what it is to be human.”
—Beth Bissmeyer, Carmichael’s Bookstore, Louisville, KY

Bear: A Novel
By Julia Phillips
(Hogarth, 9780525520436, $28, June 25, Fiction)

Bear is a haunting novel set on a remote island off the Pacific Northwest coast. Two sisters dream of a better life off the island, when a strange bear appears and changes their lives. This story, fairy tale, allegory, will stay with you.”
—Elyse Adler, Parnassus Books, Nashville, TN

The Lion Women of Tehran: A Novel
By Marjan Kamali
(Gallery Books, 9781668036587, $28.99, July 2, Fiction)

“This beautiful book takes you on an emotional journey, following a profound friendship during the Iranian revolution. The plot is rich and the characters are captivating. Your heart will break in the best way.”
—Sarah Dupriest, Rainy Day Books, Fairway, KS

Honey: A Novel
By Isabel Banta
(Celadon Books, 9781250333469, $27.99, June 25, Fiction)

“A pitch-perfect reclamation of the ’90s & early ’00s pop craze, for anybody who listened to boy bands, girl groups, or their solo spin-offs. This story doesn’t end like Britney’s, or Christina’s — it gives pop stars the endings they deserve.”
—Drew Broussard, The Golden Notebook, Woodstock, NY

Not Another Love Song
By Julie Soto
(Forever, 9781538740910, $17.99, Paperback, July 16, Romance)

“Oh. My. Gosh. This book is absolutely everything. To say that Julie Soto writes characters with chemistry that sizzles and crackles would be a wild understatement! She's your next favorite romance author. Trust me.”
—Leah Grover, Scrawl Books, Reston, VA

The Coin: A Novel
By Yasmin Zaher
(Catapult, 9781646222100, $27, July 9, Fiction)

“Zaher has a powerful, unique voice that embodies notions about self, becoming naturalized in a place away from home, and what it means to be a woman with desires and obligations. This made me consider what it’s like to exist in the grey spaces.”
—Viktor Hughes, Loudmouth Books, Indianapolis, IN

The Anthropologists: A Novel
By Aysegül Savas
(Bloomsbury Publishing, 9781639733064, $24.99, July 9, Fiction)

The Anthropologists is a slim, impactful novella that cuts to the heart of human experience. Aysegül Savas conveys the complex vagaries and bone-deep loneliness of adulthood. This is a stunning and unique novel.”
—Jo Swenson, Gibson’s Bookstore, Concord, NH

The Spellshop
By Sarah Beth Durst
(Bramble, 9781250333971, $29.99, July 9, Fantasy)

“This cottagecore cozy fantasy absolutely ran away with my heart. It features a librarian more comfortable with books than people, a sentient spiderplant, stolen spellbooks, mythical creatures, found family, and jam.”
—Carrie Deming, The Dog Eared Book, Palmyra, NY

Margo’s Got Money Troubles: A Novel
By Rufi Thorpe
(William Morrow, 9780063356580, $28, June 11, Fiction)

“Thoughtful, funny, empathetic. Margo’s deep fears of not being a ‘good’ person resonate. Her career on OnlyFans felt original and exciting without minimizing the prejudice and violence that surround sex work. An ultimately uplifting read.”
—Maggie Kane, Little City Books, Hoboken, NJ

Not in Love: A Novel
By Ali Hazelwood
(Berkley, 9780593550427, $19, Paperback, June 11, Romance)

“An amazing dual POV romance that demonstrates why Ali Hazelwood is one of the best romance writers out there. It was angsty, it was steamy, and it was just a fun ride. As always, the perfect mix of laughter and butterflies.”
—McKenna Jones, Anderson’s Bookshops, Naperville, IL

Bury Your Gays
By Chuck Tingle
(Tor Nightfire, 9781250874658, $26.99, July 9, Horror)

“Unsettling, perfectly paced, and nothing short of brilliant, Bury Your Gays highlights the monsters that spawn when AI and corporate greed go hand in hand. You will flinch, you will feel, and you will understand Tingle’s mantra — Love Is Real.”
—Andrew King, Secret Garden Bookshop, Seattle, WA

Horror Movie: A Novel
By Paul Tremblay
(William Morrow, 9780063070011, $30, June 11, Thriller)

Horror Movie chronicles the creation and aftermath of a fictional, disastrous cult-classic ’90s film. When you think you know what’s going to happen, Tremblay twists the knife. A sharp dive into one character’s traumatic experience.”
—Anna Moritz, Changing Hands, Tempe, AZ

State of Paradise: A Novel
By Laura van den Berg
(Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 9780374612207, $27, July 9, Fiction)

“Unnerving, odd, sometimes spooky, sometimes very funny. Here is a world of warped reality — by grief, by pandemic, by Major Weather Events, by technology, sometimes even by our own minds. This is one of Laura van den Berg’s best.”
—Santiago Nocera, Greedy Reads, Baltimore, MD

The Heart in Winter: A Novel
By Kevin Barry
(Doubleday, 9780385550598, $28, July 9, Fiction)

“I found this story of two young lovers on the run in 1890s Montana to have the grit of a Cormac McCarthy novel, and the adventure and peril found in Cold Mountain. I expect this stunning novel to stay with me for a long time.”
—Linda Grana, Reasonable Books, Lafayette, CA

The Dallergut Dream Department Store (Indies Introduce)
By Miye Lee, Sandy Joosun Lee (Transl.)
(Hanover Square Press, 9781335081179, $21.99, July 9, Fiction)

“Penny is a new hire learning to help the customers select the perfect dreams at the Dallergut Dream Department Store. Dallergut’s philosophy: only offer dreams that enhance a customer’s reality. This book is a healing, mysterious escape.”
—Rachel Watkins, Avid Bookshop, Athens, GA

Devil Is Fine: A Novel
By John Vercher
(Celadon Books, 9781250894489, $28.99, June 18, Fiction)

“I held my breath while reading Devil Is Fine; struck by the utter tangibility of everything unfolding. Vercher channels the weight of grief, racism, individual frailty, and communal failure into a novel that also elicits humor and humanity.”
—Stephanie Jones-Byrne, Malaprop’s Bookstore/Café, Asheville, NC

The Night Ends with Fire
By K. X. Song
(Ace, 9780593815724, $30, July 2, Fantasy)

“Inspired by Mulan, this epic fantasy of The Three Kingdom War is told with gusto and a courageous female character. A combination of magic, compelling storytelling, action-adventure, and romance makes this one to read!”
—Gerard Villegas, Auntie’s Bookstore, Spokane, WA

Masquerade (Indies Introduce)
By O. O. Sangoyomi
(Forge Books, 9781250904294, $27.99, July 2, Historical Fiction)

“I love this historical novel that is full of West African mythology. Epic in feel but self-contained, it runs the full range of emotions. I love the creativity and descriptive writing, and can’t wait to see what Sangoyomi writes next.”
—Jamie Southern, Bookmarks, Winston-Salem, NC

A Happier Life
By Kristy Woodson Harvey
(Gallery Books, 9781668012192, $28.99, June 25, Fiction)

“Harvey delivers another beautiful and heartfelt novel filled with romance, mystery, and her signature Southern charm. A multigenerational story told through dual timelines, A Happier Life invites readers to deeply savor its pages.”
—Susan McBeth, Adventures by the Book, San Diego, CA

The Same Bright Stars: A Novel
By Ethan Joella
(Scribner, 9781668024591, $17.99, Paperback, July 2, Fiction)

“With insight, empathy, and humor, Ethan Joella puts you right into the hearts and minds of his complicated, fully-formed characters. In The Same Bright Stars, Joella takes the every-day and turns it into something poignant and extraordinary.”
—Susan Kehoe, Browseabout Books, Rehoboth Beach, DE

Midnight Rooms: A Novel (Indies Introduce)
By Donyae Coles
(Amistad, 9780063228092, $28, July 2, Gothic Fiction)

“I’ve never read horror like this before, and I’m excited to see more and more BIPOC authors step boldly into this genre. I can’t wait to see what else Donyae Coles comes out with. Whatever it is, it’s on my autobuy list!”
—Shakeria Green, Lark and Owl Booksellers, Georgetown, TX

Zan: Stories (Indies Introduce)
By Suzi Ehtesham-Zadeh
(Dzanc Books, 9781950539932, $17.95, Paperback, June 11, Short Stories)

Zan is a collection of stories that puts me in the heart of Iranian women’s lives. Beautifully written, tragedy captured — there is much to learn from stories like these.”
—Matt Aragon - Shafi, West Side Books, Denver, CO

The 6 Now in Paperback Titles

The Blonde Identity: A Novel
By Ally Carter
(Avon, 9780063276659, $17.99, July 9, Romance)

“This wonderfully bonkers, deliciously slow-burning romance is marvelous! With witty banter, a grumpy spy and a sunshiny amnesiac, fake dating, oodles of feelings, and a beautiful narrative, Carter’s adult debut cannot be missed!”
—Lucy Perkins-Wagel, Blinking Owl Books, Arcadia, FL

How to Say Babylon: A Memoir
By Safiya Sinclair
(Simon & Schuster, 9781982132347, $18.99, July 9, Memoir)

“This extraordinary memoir explores self-actualization at the crossroads of womanhood and Black liberation. Sinclair’s poetic brilliance brought grace to even her most excruciating experiences. I am in awe of her compassion and transcendence.”
—Evisa Gallman, Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books, Philadelphia, PA

Immortal Longings
By Chloe Gong
(S&S/Saga Press, 9781668000236, $18.99, July 9, Fantasy)

“In Immortal Longings, Chloe Gong takes inspiration from Shakespeare and builds a fully imagined and detailed world. Her ability to create place, characters, and intrigue is astonishing. This story will leave you breathless.”
—Calvin Crosby, The King’s English Bookshop, Salt Lake City, UT

Ink Blood Sister Scribe: A Novel
By Emma Törzs
(William Morrow, 9780063253476, $18.99, June 11, Fiction)

“There is magic of all kinds on each page of Ink Blood Sister Scribe: grisly body horror magic; romantic, confectionary fairy tale magic; and the binding, consuming magic of family and what it means to belong. I am still under its spell!”
—Sarah Jackson, The Book & Cover, Chattanooga, TN

The Librarianist: A Novel
By Patrick deWitt
(Ecco, 9780063085138, $18.99, July 2, Fiction)

“A thoughtful book about a quiet man leading a quiet life, filled with wonderful language and small nuances. Bob Comet endured loneliness and heartbreak, but found solace in his books and ultimately found friendship and community.”
—Kathy Clemmons, Sundog Books, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow: A Novel
By Gabrielle Zevin
(Vintage, 9780593466490, $19, June 25, Fiction)

“I am deeply mourning finishing this book. Zevin has masterfully created a love story for friendship that will stay with me. While the characters were imperfect — so, strikingly human — following this span of 30 years left me wanting more.”
—Vina Castillo, Kew & Willow Books, Kew Gardens, NY