The July 2023 Indie Next List Preview

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Here are the 25 Indie Next List and 6 Now in Paperback picks on the July 2023 Indie Next List flier.

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The 25 July Indie Next List Picks

"The Art Thief: A True Story of Love, Crime, and a Dangerous Obsession" by Michael Finkel#1 Pick: The Art Thief: A True Story of Love, Crime, and a Dangerous Obsession
By Michael Finkel
(Knopf, 9780525657323, $28, Jun. 27, Biography)

The Art Thief looks into the mind of one of the most successful art thieves in history. It’s a terrific psychological study of a true aesthete, and a look into how he was found and how laws changed after him. A fascinating, compelling tale!”
—William Carl, An Unlikely Story, Plainville, MA

Ripe: A Novel
By Sarah Rose Etter
(Scribner, 9781668011638, $25, Jul. 11, Fiction)

Ripe is a delicious book — the Persephone myth retold amidst swirling anxieties in a Silicon Valley tech startup. Our lonely narrator is accompanied by a black hole. A literal one. Visceral and smart, Etter carefully chose every word.”
—Skylar Miklus, Still North Books & Bar, Hanover, NH

The Quiet Tenant: A Novel
By Clémence Michallon
(Knopf, 9780593534649, $28, Jun. 20, Thriller)

“A woman has been held hostage in a shed for five years, and could be killed by her captor at any moment. Michallon’s outstanding debut will make you hold your breath as claustrophobia and unbearable tension set in.”
—Melanie Fleishman, Center for Fiction Bookstore, Brooklyn, NY

Little Monsters: A Novel
By Adrienne Brodeur
(Avid Reader Press/Simon & Schuster, 9781982198107, $28, Jun. 27, Fiction)

“With inspiration from her memoir, Adrienne Brodeur knits a compelling novel of family secrets, complicated sibling relationships, and social commentary. The perfectly detailed Cape Cod setting makes this an ideal summer read.”
—Rebekah Rine, Watermark Books & Café, Wichita, KS

The Rachel Incident: A Novel
By Caroline O'Donoghue
(Knopf, 9780593535707, $28, Jun. 27, Fiction)

“A fun, quick read about a bookstore friendship that takes two lovable characters all the way to adulthood. I very much enjoyed the small-town, Irish setting and the relatable struggle for independence and identity. A great read!”
—Becky Vitas Schamis, Theodore’s Books, Oyster Bay, NY

Do Tell: A Novel
By Lindsay Lynch
(Doubleday, 9780385549370, $28, Jul. 11, Fiction)

“This is a deeply moving and incredibly fun story of the golden age of Hollywood, where gossip can make or break you. This book is smartly written and captures a wealth of social issues in Hollywood that are as prevalent now as they were then.”
—Blaes Green, The Book & Cover, Chattanooga, TN

Hello Stranger: A Novel
By Katherine Center
(St. Martin’s Press, 9781250283788, $29, Jul. 11, Romance)

“Katherine Center has once again blown my mind with Hello Stranger. It’s uplifting, yet serious. It’s got heart, yet still manages to be funny. I have no doubt it’ll be one of my top recommended reads this summer!”
—Preet Singh, Eagle Eye Book Shop, Decatur, GA

Forget Me Not 
By Julie Soto
(Forever, 9781538740880, $16.99, paperback, Jul. 11, Romance)

“Two years ago Ama, a wedding planner, and Elliot, a florist, broke each other’s hearts. Now they’re on an event that could alter their careers. Can love after a disaster really work? A smart and hilarious ‘opposites attract’ rom-com.”
—Scott Lange, The Bookman, Grand Haven, MI

Lucky Red: A Novel (Indies Introduce)
By Claudia Cravens
(The Dial Press, 9780593498248, $27, Jun. 20, Fiction)

“Set in a late 1800s Dodge City, a young woman is caught up in other people’s expectations. Lucky Red is about carving your own way in a world that wants to keep you under its thumb. A thrilling western full of grit, passion, and whiskey!”
—Jen Steele, Boswell Book Company, Milwaukee, WI

Nineteen Claws and a Black Bird: Stories
By Agustina Bazterrica, Sarah Moses (Transl.)
(Scribner, 9781668012666, $17.99, paperback, Jun. 20, Short Stories)

“This was such a gripping read — bizarre, fascinating, and terrifying all at once. I only put it down to grapple with what I was reading. I enjoyed this so much, and can’t wait to read more from Agustina Bazterrica.”
—Daniel Jordan, Pearl’s Books, Fayetteville, AR

The Summer of Songbirds
By Kristy Woodson Harvey
(Gallery Books, 9781668010822, $27.99, Jul. 11, Fiction)

“Three best friends are in the midst of life when their beloved summer camp faces closure due to severe financial hardships. This page-turning story is filled with friendship, humor, and romance — put this on your summer reading list!”
—Mary Patterson, The Little Bookshop, Midlothian, VA

Days at the Morisaki Bookshop: A Novel
By Satoshi Yagisawa, Eric Ozawa (Transl.)
(Harper Perennial, 9780063278677, $16.99, paperback, Jul. 4, Fiction)

“A charming book about the restorative powers of book communities and family. Takako’s uncle invites her to help run the family bookshop, where she makes new friends, learns how different love can look, and reconnects with family.”
—Holly Nikodem, Kew & Willow Books, Kew Gardens, NY

Business or Pleasure: A Novel
By Rachel Lynn Solomon
(Berkley, 9780593548530, $17, paperback, Jul. 4, Romance)

“I loved every minute of Business or Pleasure. From the con life, to obsessing over a supernatural tv show, to sex positivity, it’s sure to please any reader on multiple levels from the brain right down to your toes.”
—Terri LeBlanc, Swamp Fox Bookstore, Marion, IA

Zero Days: A Novel
By Ruth Ware
(Gallery/Scout Press, 9781982155292, $29.99, Jun. 20, Thriller)

Zero Days is an absolute nail biter. An innocent woman is accused of her husband’s murder and has no choice but to go on the run. It’s a new direction for Ruth Ware and it totally works. I was quite literally gripping the book the entire time.”
—Samantha Ladwig, Imprint Bookstore, Port Townsend, WA

Banyan Moon: A Novel (Indies Introduce)
By Thao Thai
(Mariner Books, 9780063267107, $30, Jun. 27, Fiction)

Banyan Moon is a remarkable debut that follows Vietnamese-American Ann, her mother, grandmother, and generations of women who came before. Thai peels open family secrets like an onion to reveal truth, healing, love and friendship.”
—Patience Allan-Glick, Underground Books, Carrollton, GA

The Seven Year Slip: A Novel
By Ashley Poston
(Berkley, 9780593336502, $17, paperback, Jun. 27, Romance)

“This is a romance that is so much more than a romance. It’s a story of pursuing your dreams, being yourself, and living while dealing with grief. The time traveling apartment is just a plus. Prepare to fall in love with Clementine and Iwan!”
—Addy Bowman, Wild Geese Bookshop, Franklin, IN

The Militia House: A Novel (Indies Introduce)
By John Milas
(Henry Holt and Co., 9781250857064, $26.99, Jul. 11, Horror)

The Militia House ensnares the reader in its unsettling atmosphere. The commentary around the military industrial complex and PTSD is subtle, casting a critical eye that never fully dives into polemic. A wild, immersive ride.”
—Wesley Minter, Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park, WA

Psyche and Eros: A Novel
By Luna McNamara
(William Morrow, 9780063295070, $30, Jun. 13, Fantasy)

“A lovely tale of different forms of love. Female heroine, Psyche, is strong, sure of herself, and brave. Eros makes us question what makes life worth living and how love affects us. Together, it’s a love story that will wrap you in its arms.”
—Baylee Miller, Schuler Books, Grand Rapids, MI

The Librarianist: A Novel
By Patrick deWitt
(Ecco, 9780063085121, $30, Jul. 4, Fiction)

“A thoughtful book about a quiet man leading a quiet life, filled with wonderful language and small nuances. Bob Comet endured loneliness and heartbreak, but found solace in his books and ultimately found friendship and community.”
—Kathy Clemmons, Sundog Books, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

All-Night Pharmacy: A Novel
By Ruth Madievsky
(Catapult, 9781646221509, $27, Jul. 11, Fiction)

“A spiraling look into a toxic sisterhood and an exploration of addiction, All-Night Pharmacy captivated me. The author deftly pulls the reader to root for the unnamed narrator as she tumbles in and out of addiction and relationships.”
—Mallory Melton, BookPeople, Austin, TX

Mrs. S: A Novel
By K. Patrick
(Europa Editions, 9781609458409, $18, paperback, Jun. 20, Fiction)

Mrs. S is a delicious little seduction: a story of obsession, desire, and displacement; a hazy seaside heat mirage; a funhouse mirror version of Bergman’s Persona and one of the most astute, beguiling books about want I’ve ever read.”
—Camden Avery, The Booksmith, San Francisco, CA

The Housekeepers: A Novel
By Alex Hay
(Graydon House, 9781525805004, $30, Jul. 4, Fiction)

“It’s Ocean’s Eight meets Downton Abbey! The man of the household has died. His daughter plots her engagement as the ‘downstairs’ workers plot as well: clearing the house out from top to bottom. This novel is immensely satisfying. Enjoy!”
—Victoria Ford, Comma, a Bookshop, Minneapolis, MN

Rivermouth: A Chronicle of Language, Faith, and Migration (Indies Introduce)
By Alejandra Oliva
(Astra House, 9781662601699, $28, Jun. 20, Memoir)

Rivermouth is an emotional, informative exploration of the American immigrant and asylum systems. Alejandra Oliva brings such insight to the ‘immigration crisis’ while never losing the humanity of the people who get caught in it all.”
—Christine Bollow, Loyalty Bookstores, Washington, DC

Charlotte Illes Is Not a Detective: A Novel
By Katie Siegel
(Kensington, 9781496740984, $16.95, paperback, Jun. 27, Mystery)

Charlotte Illes Is Not a Detective takes all the nostalgia of our favorite kid detectives and wonders: what happens when they grow up? This lighthearted read blends the elements of a great mystery with a hilarious coming-of-age story.”
—John McDougall, Murder By the Book, Houston, TX

The Apartment: A Novel
By Ana Menéndez
(Counterpoint, 9781640095830, $27, Jun. 27, Fiction)

“This is a story about a building in South Miami Beach — actually, about apartment 2B, and the tenants who have lived there over a 70-year period. Their stories infuse the apartment with energy and history. Ana Menéndez shared so much!”
—Linda Bond, Auntie's Bookstore, Spokane, WA


The 6 Now in Paperback Titles

The Angel of Rome: And Other Stories
By Jess Walter
(Harper Perennial, 9780062868121, $18.99, Jun. 27, Short Stories)

“The first sentences in this astonishing collection dare you not to read further. Walter exposes his characters for what they are in subtle and startling ways. The stories are profound, hilarious, and suspenseful, leaving us wisdom.”
—Alice Meyer, Beaverdale Books, Des Moines, IA

The Cloisters: A Novel
By Katy Hays
(Atria Books, 9781668004418, $17.99, Jul. 11, Fiction)

“An atmospheric masterpiece! Ann Stillwell becomes increasingly obsessed with the occult after discovering a hidden 15th-century deck of tarot cards at The Cloisters. Hays creates a world so sinister that it is a character in itself.”
—Sharon Davis, Book Bound Bookstore, Blairsville, GA

Mercury Pictures Presents: A Novel
By Anthony Marra
(Hogarth, 9780451495211, $18, Jun. 27, Fiction)

Mercury Pictures Presents is an utterly satisfying novel, full of rich characters and a beautifully choreographed plot told with wry humor, great love, and writing so smart you’ll want to underline every paragraph. Read it!”
—Kris Kleindienst, Left Bank Books, St. Louis, MO

The Mermaid of Black Conch: A Novel
By Monique Roffey
(Vintage, 9780593467350, $17, Jun. 27, Fiction)

“Tragedy displaces pain after a curse born of a thousand-year-old jealousy exiles the beautiful Aycayia to a life in the sea. The Mermaid of Black Conch is a modern-day embodiment of our longing for community. Ruthless and beautiful.”
—Kayleen Rohrer, InkLink Books, East Troy, WI

Our Wives Under the Sea: A Novel
By Julia Armfield
(Flatiron, 9781250229908, $17.99, Jun. 27, Fiction)

“A haunting meditation on relationships in all their messy glory. The descriptive language is beautiful and unforgettable. I’ll be thinking about this one for a while.”
—David Vogel, Literati Bookstore, Ann Arbor, MI

Run Time: A Novel
By Catherine Ryan Howard
(Blackstone Publishing, 9798212173407, $16.99, Jul. 11, Thriller)
Now THIS is what I love about Catherine Ryan Howard — plots that defy trends, characters dangling over the abyss. Run Time had me exactly where I love to be: teetering on a high wire, completely off balance, and loving every minute of it.”
—Tarin Paradise, Naughty Dog Books, Nashville, IN