IndieCommunication: Easier Bulk Upload, Google Analytics Webinars, Mobile-Friendly Themes

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The February 27 edition of IndieCommunication for IndieCommerce stores includes news about an easier way to upload and maintain large numbers of custom products and reminders about Google Analytics webinars and mobile-friendly themes.

Bulk Upload of Custom Products

In response to booksellers’ requests, there is now an easier way to upload and maintain large numbers of custom products, including T-shirts, mugs, games, toys, candles, jewelry, etc., that stores sell on their IndieCommerce websites.

Learn more about the new custom product bulk upload system here. To have the custom bulk upload system enabled, contact [email protected].

kobo logoKobo eBooks Survey

Stores that are selling Kobo eBooks and/or devices can help improve their Kobo experience by completing the quick online survey available here.

Google Analytics Webinars Online

Two very helpful webinars on Google Analytics are now available on the January 2017 encore presentation of Max Thomas’ Google Analytics session at Winter Institute 12 and the April 2016 Google Analytics webinar for beginners, led by ABA technology consultant Matt Supko.

Graphic for Google Analytics hubThere is some overlap between the two presentations, but booksellers who watch both of these will have a good introduction to Google Analytics. Grab a cup of coffee and a notepad and get enlightened.

Mobile-Friendly Themes Only

Is your current website theme mobile friendly? If not, consider changing to one of these mobile-friendly themes.

More than 42 percent of visitors to IndieCommerce sites are coming from mobile devices. That’s a huge number,  so don’t miss out: consider changing to a mobile-friendly theme now.


Booksellers are encouraged to share their thoughts, questions, or suggestions at any time with the IndieCommerce team.

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