An IndieCommerce/Google Editions Update

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As a result of the partnership between IndieCommerce and Google, announced in May at BEA, ABA member stores with IndieCommerce websites will be able to sell Google Editions when the product launches. Here are some important things for booksellers to know about IndieCommerce and Google Editions:

  • Google editions are cloud-based, device agnostic e-books that will work in any Web browser.

  • Google will sell these e-books directly to consumers, but is also is very committed to partnering with indie bookstores, and has partnered with IndieCommerce. ABA member stores with IndieCommerce stores will be able to sell Google Editions when the product launches.

  • While there is no specific timetable for the launch, ABA has confidence that Google Editions will launch in time for Christmas.

  • Your customers who have an iPad, iPhone, or Android phone will be able to wirelessly purchase a Google Edition book from you, and read it on that same device.

  • Thousands of publishers have already signed on to sell their books through Google Editions.

  • ABA will provide marketing materials to members to help explain and promote Google Editions in your store and on your website. As soon as Google determines the launch date, ABA will share that material with you.

ABA is also working on an upgraded codebase for IndieCommerce – from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 – as well as a number of improvements to the book search and shopping cart, scheduled to launch around mid-October. The benefits of these upgrades will include:

  • Greatly improved book search algorithm

  • Filter, sort, and advanced book search

  • One top edition of each book in search results

  • Related editions of each book on the product page

  • Combined Givex gift card and credit card checkout

  • E-books and print books in same shopping cart

  • Vastly improved Store Pickup/Pay at Store feature

  • Tax-exempt orders

  • "Ship as available" option

  • Option to shop orders back to Ingram if they are not accepted for wholesaler fulfillment at checkout

Stores will be notified in advance of the launch date to prepare for accompanying system downtime.