IndieCommerce Launches “Preferred Name” Feature for Customers

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The IndieCommerce team recently launched a feature to allow customers to use their preferred name rather than their legal name.

Enabling this field ensures that booksellers are addressing customers as they wish to be addressed. The preferred name option is also a way of respecting this component of an individual’s identity, acknowledging the importance of inclusive language, and signaling a bookstore’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

When a customer enters their name of choosing, their name is pulled into their order confirmation emails and order information system. For customers whose legal name and chosen name match, they will simply enter their first name a second time or enter a nickname.

This feature is available by request for IndieCommerce sites. Navigate to Store > Configuration > Account Information & Preferences > Store Features to request this feature. Stores must also have the Address Book feature enabled on their site before IndieCommerce can enable this feature.

See full details and step-by-step instructions for enabling the preferred/chosen name feature and how to pull preferred names into confirmation emails.

Questions about this feature can be addressed to [email protected].