Algonquin to Offer New Hillary Jordan Bundled With E-Book

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This October, ABA member bookstores will be able to offer customers who purchase a hardcover copy of the new Hillary Jordan title, When She Woke, a free e-book version as well, thanks to a special promotion from Algonquin Books.

Customers who purchase the hardcover at participating stores will receive a code to download the e-version of the title for free. The promotion is open to all ABA member stores, not just IndieCommerce stores, as well as Barnes & Noble locations.

Bob Miller, group publisher at Workman Publishing, said the promotion aims to accomplish two things. “We want to call attention to this particular novel, which we think is an enormously compelling one, and we want to help booksellers sell hardcover books, in spite of the competition from lower-priced e-books,” Miller said.

“The American Booksellers Association is excited about the opportunity for all of our member stores to participate in Algonquin’s bundling promotion for Hillary’s Jordan new book,” said ABA COO Len Vlahos. “When She Woke does deal with controversial subject matters, but the advanced buzz is so strong that we’re confident a large number of our members will use this promotion to their advantage, demonstrating the power of print and e-book bundles, and the appeal of brick-and-mortar locations.”

Enthusiasm for the promotion is high among ABA members, who believe it will increase store traffic and give added attention to the types of books independents champion best.

“This is the first time we’ve been able to do something like this, which is really exciting.” said Matt Norcross, co-owner of Mclean & Eakin in Petoskey, Michigan. “I think it’s going to give this particular title a lot of buzz, and it’s made this book extra important to me.”

Norcross, who has heard a lot of early buzz about When She Woke among the store’s staff, thinks this promotion will cement its success.

“I honestly feel like I’m going to sell twice as many, just based on the general enthusiasm among staff,” he said.

When Jill Miner, owner of Saturn Booksellers in Gaylord, Michigan, first heard about the Algonquin promotion she immediately contacted the publisher to increase her order.

“I think anything with a value add is a good thing,” she said. “I’ll be curious to see whether customers like to have two copies of the book. Miner thinks that Algonquin “picked a really great author” for the promotion, “because [Jordan’s] first book had a lot of success, especially in indie bookstores.”

Kelly Justice, owner of Fountain Bookstore in Richmond, Virginia, is similarly enthusiastic.

“I think it’s great,” she said of Algonquin’s bundling promotion. “I really applaud some of these smaller houses with these ideas that are innovative and truly highlight indie bookstores.”

Justice referenced Unbridled’s recent “25 e-books for 25 cents” promotion, which was very successful in her store. Algonquin is another imprint that Justice trusts, and she said she looks forward to working with them in the fall.

“I’m not the least bit surprised,” Justice said of Algonquin. “They are consistently finding new ways to promote their products, and I never have any hesitation because they put out great books. It gives me the opportunity to focus on books I already believe in, which is fantastic.”