ABA Learning on Demand: Creating Custom Order Confirmation E-mails & Invoices

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The “Creating Custom Order Confirmation E-mails & Invoices” webinar, presented by Scott Nafz and Geetha Nathan of the American Booksellers Association’s IndieCommerce team on Thursday, March 21, featured a live demonstration of how booksellers can create custom order confirmation e-mails and invoices using a new feature on their IndieCommerce websites. Booksellers can watch an in-depth demonstration of the new feature here.

Confirmation e-mails and invoices are sent by default each time a customer places an order. These e-mails are composed of a banner image featuring the store’s logo, a thank-you message, information on how to manage an order online, an order summary, help text, and a signature.

Up until now, stores had only one template for their order confirmation e-mails. With this new feature, booksellers can create templates that customize the size of the banner image, the thank-you message, and the help text within each e-mail, and configure them for different types of orders using Rules.

The generic default confirmation message may not be appropriate for all orders. Booksellers can now create a custom message for different scenarios, such as a customer who is picking up their order in-store or a customer who is having their order shipped to them. Once created, booksellers can then set up conditions that will use particular e-mail templates depending on the specifics of the order. For example, if a customer has a particular relevant title in their order, the customer can receive a specific e-mail reminder for an event happening in-store.

The custom order confirmation e-mail and invoice feature is not available by default, and is only available for IndieCommerce websites. Booksellers can e-mail staff@bookweb.org to request the feature be enabled, or they can make their request directly through their IndieCommerce website from the “Store Features” page.

Booksellers who are looking for more information can e-mail the IndieCommerce team at staff@bookweb.org and view the in-depth demonstration here. Booksellers can also reference this informational guide on the new feature.