ABA Book Buyer’s Handbook Features COVID-Related Publisher Offers and Updates

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The American Booksellers Association’s Book Buyer’s Handbook is a key resource for publisher offers and updates related to the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).

The Book Buyer’s Handbook homepage can be found at handbook.bookweb.org or under the Quick Links heading at the bottom of BookWeb. To provide quick access, the handbook homepage features a link to special offers and policies related to COVID-19 from publishers and wholesalers.

In addition, the Coronavirus Resources for Booksellers page on BookWeb.org features more special offers from publishers, wholesalers, and vendors. Booksellers are encouraged to review the offers listed in both places.

ABA is in ongoing conversation with publishers, wholesalers, and vendors lobbying for support for members, but booksellers are strongly encouraged to contact their reps with individual requests. Publishers are asked to contact ABA CEO Allison Hill to share details about support they can offer; additionally, booksellers are invited to contact Hill with requests for the type of support that would be most helpful and ABA will relay that to publishers.

Booksellers and publishers with questions about the Book Buyer’s Handbook can reach out directly to ABA Book Data Assistant Alison Larkin.

Booksellers need to be signed in to BookWeb.org to access the Handbook. A username and password are required; email [email protected] for login details.