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Google Analytics is a tool created by Google that allows bookstores to gain valuable insights into their website’s performance, user behavior, and marketing efforts.  Leveraging this data can help you make data-driven decisions, improve your store’s online presence, and enhance overall online customer experience.

All sites are compatible with Google Analytics 4 (previously, sites utilized Universal Analytics).  We encourage you to set up your own Google Analytics account if you don’t already have one.

Getting Ready for the Holidays: Part 4

Getting Ready For the Holidays: Part 1
Getting Ready For the Holidays: Part 2
Getting Ready For the Holidays: Part 3

As stores continue to prepare for the upcoming holiday season, the IndieCommerce team has put together a list of recommended tools and practices IndieCommerce and IndieLite stores can use to maximize their holiday marketing and communication efforts.

Getting Ready for the Holidays: Part 2

In preparation for the upcoming holidays, the IndieCommerce team has put together a list of recommended features that stores can use to promote products and sell their gifts and non-book items. There are several ways to ensure customers have the widest selection and access to your online products, making your website shoppable and easy to browse.

Getting Ready for the Holidays: Part 1


As the holidays approach we recommend reviewing some key settings on your IndieCommerce site to prepare for inevitable supply line issues and the ever changing holiday shopping schedule. You have several ways to adjust what stock shows, from simple things like disabling backorders to more advanced things like limiting stock to what is available in specific Ingram warehouses and limiting sales to your in-stock items..

Adjusting settings related to backorders and hard to find titles is handled in two places:

Credit Card Processing

The following Help Documents are available for both IndieCommerce and IndieLite to assist with the early steps of obtaining or transitioning to the store's own credit card processor and account.  IndieCommerce or IndieLite specific documents and webinars can be found further down on this page.

For All IndieCommerce and IndieLite Stores


Not For Sale

This feature allows you to make specific titles Not for Sale through your website, even if these books are available through Ingram. These are titles that your store has chosen for any reason not to make available for sale to the public.
Navigate to Store -> Configuration -> Store Pricing -> Books -> Not For Sale
You can now choose whether to display these titles on your site or to suppress them completely from any search results.


As preorders are becoming an increasingly important way in which books are sold and marketed through stores, we’ve compiled a list of the Preorder features we offer.

NEW: Stores can now choose to show preorders as 'On Our Shelves Now' as long as the store is using Local Store Inventory and the preorder is present in the LSI file.

Staff and Customer Roles

This live demo will review the Roles feature, including:

  • Assigning and managing store roles
  • Assigning and managing store roles for customers, including bulk upload of customer emails
  • A sample use case, including step-by-step instructions for automatic discounting and free shipping for layaltyprogram customers using 'Rules'

Making the Most of Book Data on Your Website

This webinar will demonstrate the best use of the tools available to:

  • Sell sidelines, including maps, calendars, and journals through your site
  • Interpret special "admin only" data about books on your website, such as the price source, Ingram desire score, and Family ID
  • Get the most out of Local Store Inventory (LSI), not for sale, store pricing, and other tools
  • Adjust the search algorithm to surface books and products more relevant for your store
  • Enable and disable partner content from NPR and LitHub, plus ebooks and digital audiobooks


Privacy Policy & GDPR

Sample Privacy Policy Language

Please note that any language you may incorporate into your Privacy Policy should reflect your store’s applicable practices.

Please include your store name, contact info etc. where applicable.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]


What information do we collect?

Getting Your Website Ready for the Holidays

This webinar will lead booksellers through getting their IndieCommerce website ready for the holidays:

  • Tour of some of the common issues that customers (and stores) might encounter during the holiday season
  • Making sure your contact information is up to date
  • Processing orders correctly


The Rules module allows site administrators to create actions that are automatically triggered by various events when certain conditions are met.


Rules are made up of 3 parts:

SEO Tools

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a methodology of strategies, techniques, and tactics designed to grow visibility in search engine results. In search results, search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) display links to pages it considers relevant and authoritative, SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found in search results.


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