01 May

ABA Files Motion to Intervene in the FTC's Suit Against Amazon

On the eve of Independent Bookstore Day, ABA filed a motion to intervene in the FTC's complaint against Amazon, seeking to bolster their case for monopolistic behavior and ensure independent bookstores are represented in the case. 

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14 Sep
How To Resist Amazon and Why by Danny Caine

An Interview with Danny Caine on How to Resist Amazon

Back in November 2019, Danny Caine of the Raven Book Store in Lawrence, Kansas, released a zine called How to Resist Amazon. The zine was so successful, Caine published it as a book. In advance of the release of the revised edition, David Grogan, Director of ABFE, Advocacy, and Public Policy for ABA, sat down with Danny to discuss his book, antitrust, and, of course, how one exactly does resist Amazon. 


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17 Jun

American Booksellers Association’s National “Boxed Out” Campaign Returns as Antitrust Legal Action Heats Up in Time for Amazon’s Prime Day

Amazon is marketing its Prime Day event as two days of “epic deals,” but ABA’s #BoxedOut campaign is returning to talk about what’s at stake.

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17 Mar
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ABA Releases Report Detailing Amazon’s Anti-competitive Behavior

ABA makes the case for investigating Amazon for antitrust violations, concluding that it is best for the country’s economy and its consumers that Amazon be broken up into at least four autonomous companies: retail, e-commerce marketplace platform, web services, and logistics. 

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03 Nov
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Institute for Local Self-Reliance Launches Independent Business Petition to Congress

The petition focuses on Amazon’s disproportionate impact on the independent business community, saying, “Amazon’s predatory tactics threaten our existence.”

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14 Oct

ABA Launches #BoxedOut Campaign: Booksellers Invited to Join

Designed to market indie bookstores and speak to the critical choice between shopping indie and shopping Amazon, #BoxedOut launches with six indie bookstore installations and a national social media campaign.

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07 Oct
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House Antitrust Subcommittee Releases Long-Awaited Big Tech Report subcommittee proposed changes to antitrust law to rein in Big Tech’s power. Among additional recommendations were ways to make it easier to go after dominant platforms for predatory pricing.

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30 Sep
Liberty From All Masters by Barry Lynn

Part II: A Q&A With Barry Lynn, Author of Liberty From All Masters

“In short, booksellers, simply by doing what they do best, will help to protect one of the fundamental institutions of democracy, which is the book industry itself,” says Lynn.

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23 Sep
Liberty From All Masters by Barry Lynn

Part I: A Q&A With Barry Lynn, Author of Liberty From All Masters

Lynn’s book, out September 29, examines how monopoly power, specifically that of Google, Amazon, and Facebook, threatens liberty, democracy, prosperity, and national security. 

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04 Aug

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Testifies Before House Antitrust Committee

In the aftermath of the hearing, attorneys general from California and New York are partnering with the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Amazon’s online marketplace. 

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22 Jul
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ABA Writes House Antitrust Subcommittee Ahead of July 27 Big Tech Hearing

Scheduled to testify at the hearing are the CEOs of Amazon (Jeff Bezos), Apple (Tim Cook), Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg), and Google (Sundar Pichai). This will mark Bezos’ first appearance before Congress.

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08 Jul
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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to Testify at House Antitrust Hearing on July 27

After initially saying it would not send Bezos but rather “the appropriate executive” to testify, Amazon reversed course and said it was willing to make Bezos available.

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06 May
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House Judiciary Committee Calls on Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos to Testify

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon used sensitive business information from individual third-party sellers on its platform to inform the development of Amazon’s own competing products. 

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11 Mar
19 Feb
Screenshot of Amazon Empire documentary trailer screen

“Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos” Streaming Now

The PBS documentary features interviews with Amazon executives, former employees, industry insiders, regulators, and notable Amazon critics who touch on a number of different topics relating to Amazon. 

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