Turning Tax Time Into a Positive

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For booksellers looking for a silver lining in the hard work of tax season, the 2005 ABACUS Study may provide the answer. With financial data now compiled, bookstore owners can easily submit those financial figures to the 2005 ABACUS Study, which is establishing a standard against which each store's financial results can be measured, as well as creating a valuable resource for the bookselling community as a whole.

To give booksellers an added incentive to participate, this year booksellers who submit completed surveys by June 30 will receive a $50 coupon good towards their next ABA dues renewal.

Completing the survey takes approximately an hour and in return ABA member booksellers receive:

  • A detailed, customized report tailored to their business;

  • Analyses of how their bookstore measures up to similar independent bookstores;

  • An executive summary of this year's overall financial health of the participating independent bookstores;

  • Key insights into the drivers of independent bookstore profitability;

  • Year-to-year trending data for the ABACUS group and individual trending data for those who have participated in past studies;

  • Opportunities to participate in ancillary studies.

All information provided to the ABACUS study is kept strictly confidential. To learn more about ABACUS, go to www.bookweb.org/education/abacus/. To access the easy-to-use ABACUS Web form, click here. Booksellers who bring their fiscal 2004 financial statements to this year's remaining ABA Booksellers Forums in Kansas City, Missouri; Portland, Maine; and Lyndhurst, Ohio, will receive help completing the 2005 ABACUS survey form.

Questions about the ABACUS study should be directed to ABA CEO Avin Mark Domnitz at [email protected].