Summer 2004 Children's Book Sense Picks

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This week, Book Sense is announcing the Summer 2004 Children's Book Sense Picks, based on the nominations of independent booksellers nationwide. The mailing of printed fliers to stores began on Tuesday, May 25, and booksellers should be receiving them within seven working days.

To review the Children's Book Sense Picks, click here.

The list features a wealth of wonderful titles for readers of all interests, and Book Sense Editor-in-Chief Dan Cullen sends many thanks to all the booksellers who nominated titles for the list. While only one bookseller’s quote accompanies each title listing, Cullen noted, "All the many nominations received were critically important in formulating this list. Many factors come into play in selecting the quote that is printed in the full Picks list, but those that are not published play a very important role in composing the entire list. Please do keep those nominations coming!"

The next key deadline is June 4 for the August Book Sense Picks.

Nominations may be sent by e-mail to Cullen at or through an online nomination form at