Save on IndieBound Bags in Special Promotion

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Now's the time to stock up on IndieBound shopping bags.

From now until September 30, ABA member booksellers will receive a 15 percent discount on both stock and personalized IndieBound bags and on giftwrap ordered from W.G. Ellerkamp.

The IndieBound natural kraft recycled bags come in two sizes and two designs, and they stylishly communicate the energy, spirit, and pride of indie bookselling. One of the designs speaks directly to children's bookstores, proclaiming the pride you take in "Raising Passionate Readers." And working with IndieBound bag vendor, W.G. Ellerkamp, booksellers can customize these bags with a store's identity, connecting the great store experience with a customer's great reading experience.

The special discounted prices are:


IndieBound Bag

Personalized Version

10 x 5 x 10 "Cafe" shopping bag



13 x 7 x 13 "Indie" shopping bag



8 x 11 Flat bag



12 x 15 Flat bag



Available in rolls of 18" x 833' or 24" x 833'


Classic Books


Old World Map


Globo (Faces of the World)


Bookseller can use the convenient online order form or download an order form in PDF format.

For more information, contact Jack Ellerkamp at or call (800) 805-0012 or (603) 924-4000.