Raise Money for Binc! Play the Heads or Tails Game at Children’s Institute

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The Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc) will host a “Heads or Tails” fundraising game for attendees of the 2019 Children’s Institute, which takes place June 26-28 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Binc logoThroughout the institute, booksellers can donate to the foundation by buying festive, flashing pins for the opportunity to win $250. In the days leading up to the game, pins in the shape of happy faces, pianos, and apples will be sold at Binc’s table at the Consultation Station and by volunteers; both cash and credit cards will be accepted. There will also be a table in the lobby of the host hotel (the DoubleTree Pittsburgh-Greentree) on Wednesday, June 26, by the registration desk.

A $15 donation gets the participant one flashing pin, which allows the purchaser one chance to play and win, and $25 gets two pins, which equals two chances to win the grand prize. As with previous fundraisers held at ABA events, all proceeds will go to Binc to benefit booksellers in need. Heads or Tails will take place at breakfast on Friday, June 28.

Binc Executive Director Pamela French invited all attendees to join Binc in playing Heads or Tails at this year’s Children’s Institute.

“The money raised from the game will go to work securing the booksellers’ safety net for our friends and colleagues in this amazing book-loving community,” said French. “Binc has been the official charity for Winter Institute and Children’s Institute since 2018, and through your participation in the last three games, you raised a combined $16,526. These funds will have helped eight booksellers and their families get through an unexpected financial emergency, like illness or natural disaster. Good luck to everyone who participates in the game this time!” 

Children's Institute attendees can buy blinkie pins to participate in Binc's Head or Tails game.

When the game starts, all of the people who bought a pin stand, and when the coin is flipped, each person indicates their guess by placing their hands on their “head” (head) or “tail” (backside). Each flip eliminates the wrong guessers, and these people immediately sit down. The last person standing wins the $250 prize.

As awareness of Binc’s services for booksellers continues to grow within the book industry, more and more booksellers are learning that Binc can help with all sorts of emergencies, including unexpected medical expenses, loss of household income, and elder care expenses. Booksellers who are in need of emergency assistance from Binc or who have questions about the “Heads or Tails” game can contact the foundation at (866) 733-9064 or [email protected]