A New Source for IndieBound Posters

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Sometimes a good poster is worth a thousand manifestos.

The IndieBound movement's eye-catching posters -- with their bold design and clever copy -- have communicated the spirit of IndieBound with a fun, persuasive verve since shoppers first began seeing "Eat Sleep Read" in bookstores in June.

In addition to the IndieBound posters, banners, and handouts available on IndieBound's Bookseller DIY (found on BookWeb.org), ABA has set up shop with a new, online source at RedBubble.com for some of the more popular IndieBound posters. RedBubble is an independent company based in Australia that is now operating in the U.S. The online store will allow ABA member bookstores without a viable local vendor to purchase high-quality, durable posters.

"From the beginning, IndieBound has been about creativity, flexibility, and adapting IndieBound to a bookseller's local community," said IndieBound's Outreach Liaison, Paige Poe, "that's why all the movement's collateral materials are available in digital formats -- and why we encourage booksellers to produce their customized items with a locally owned printer or accessories vendor." However, Poe said that some ABA members have noted that they don't have an appropriate local vendor, "and for them we wanted to establish a convenient source of some of the IndieBound materials."

In addition, ABA is establishing a public store for consumers who want to purchase IndieBound posters that they have seen in member stores. The link is being added to the Gear page on IndieBound.org, where consumers can also easily find an indie bookstore near them.

The online store (www.redbubble.com/people/indiebound) features 17 IndieBound posters, all available in three sizes, ranging in price from $19 to $47.50. The posters are full-color and produced in a durable, vinyl format. Posters are delivered in 10 to 15 business days with standard shipping.

For more information about the new online poster store, e-mail Paige Poe.