New Service Aims to Help Members Save Money on Credit Card Processing

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Bookstores interested in reducing excessive credit card processing fees have a new tool in their arsenal. The American Booksellers Association has signed an agreement with Independent Merchant Group Inc. (IMG), an independent merchant services auditing and consulting firm that will put its extensive knowledge of the credit card industry to work for booksellers to achieve the best possible rates with a store’s current credit card processor. IMG, which has been helping businesses lower their monthly processing fees since 2009, is not a bank or a credit card company.

ABA member companies that provide IMG with one month’s merchant services statement will receive a free, no risk consultation. If IMG finds that the business is not receiving the best pricing options or rates due to coding errors and hidden fees, it will provide a detailed report analyzing the steps that can be taken to reduce costs.

After receiving the free analysis, a store can decide whether or not to sign an agreement with IMG to ensure reduced credit card processing fees are implemented and to monitor the store’s monthly statements so that hidden fees and surcharges do not return. There are no upfront costs for this service. IMG will be compensated with a percentage of a business’ monthly savings and has discounted the percentage exclusively for ABA members.

IMG is a privately held, entirely independent company with no bank or third party processor affiliation. Information provided to IMG will remain confidential and will not be released to any third parties without prior consent.  IMG’s list of clients includes Rolex Watch USA, the Make a Wish Foundation of America, Easter Seals, American Express Vacations, Bulova, and Junior’s.

More information about IMG is available in the Business Services section of the new ABA members at BookExpo America can learn more about IMG in the Indie Bookseller Lounge (Room 2902 on the trade show floor). Booksellers can set up an appointment to talk to an IMG representative in the lounge on Wednesday or Friday afternoons, May 29 or 31, or on Thursday morning, the 30th, by sending an e-mail to