Initiative Aims to Collect Voices of Main Street

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Nearly a year after the U.S. Senate passed sales tax fairness legislation, the Alliance for Main Street Fairness, a coalition of business owners and concerned citizens, has started a “Voices of Main Street Movement” in an effort to get the U.S. House of Representatives to follow suit in this legislative session.

AMSF is urging small business owners to call a dedicated line and leave an audio testimonial explaining why they think the House needs to close the online sales tax loophole.

To participate in the Voices of Main Street Movement, booksellers should call (877) 214-0193. There will be a brief message from AMSF, and then they can leave a voicemail explaining why Congress must act now. Those who call should be sure to provide their name, their store name, and its location. AMSF urges those who participate to keep their message “short and to the point” but long enough to make their message clear.the point across.

On its website, AMSF provides sales tax fairness fact sheets and other information that booksellers can use to help formulate their message.