IndieLite Now Available to ABA Members

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IndieCommerce, the e-commerce platform developed by the American Booksellers Association for member stores, offers shoppers more than seven million titles to purchase and is a great tool for driving customers looking for event or book information to your store’s physical location. Since its launch, many features have been added to IndieCommerce at the request of user stores, making it the most feature-rich, e-commerce platform available to independent booksellers.

Both IndieCommerce users and non-users have periodically requested that ABA offer a simpler, less expensive option consisting of a basic e-commerce website with fewer feature options. Following a survey of ABA members, feedback from current IndieCommerce users, and discussion with the ABA Digital Task Force, the ABA Board of Directors authorized the development of a new option, a service called IndieLite.

Like IndieCommerce, IndieLite offers your customers seven million titles that they can securely purchase online. In-store pick-up of online purchases is also available, driving customers from the web to your physical store. IndieLite also offers a full-featured events calendar allowing your online customers to see what is happening at your store. (A complete list of features can be viewed at

After extensive testing, IndieLite is now available to ABA members. If you are interested in seeing if IndieLite is a good fit for your bookshop, you can check out four different sample stores on the IndieLite platform. If you have questions or want to see samples of actual IndieLite websites, drop the IndieCommerce team an e-mail at [email protected].

If you are in the Portland, Oregon, area and would like to discuss IndieLite in person, IndieCommerce specialist Geetha Nathan will be offering one-on-one sessions at the ABC Children’s Institute from April 5-7 in the Pendleton Room at the Red Lion Hotel on the River in Portland. Walk in to sign up.