Increase Online Selling Power With Alibris/Monsoon Commerce Solutions

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The American Booksellers Association has developed affinity partnerships with a variety of businesses and vendors that offer discounts on products, services, and opportunities for independent bookstores.

ABA bookstore members can sign up for a discounted membership with Alibris/Monsoon Commerce Solutions, a software platform that brings booksellers into the competitive market of internet sales and assists in the sale of books online.

Titles listed by an independent store working with Alibris are processed through the Alibris hub, which disseminates the title information to a large global audience of motivated buyers, via websites like, Waterstones, and Half Books, as well as to large library systems. This program overview provides details on how the process works.

For ABA members, Alibris/Monsoon offers an exclusive discount and members will see the fee for the Gold program waived when using the code ABASAVER. The Gold program for professional sellers offers an unlimited number of items that may be posted for sale, a waived fee for setup, sales commission, tools to manage inventory, rewards, and full customer service.

With ensured safety and security of data, Alibris/Monsoon helps with managing, pricing, and selling inventory, and can be particularly helpful for stores handling used, signed, or first edition books.

For more information or assistance with Alibris/Monsoon Commerce Solutions, e-mail Steve at or visit the Alibris/Monsoon website.