Idea Exchange This Week

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Every week dozens of booksellers seek and share advice and information about bookselling and the book industry on BookWeb's Idea Exchange. Here's a look at some of the topics booksellers are talking about this week. All ABA member booksellers are invited to join in.

Among the topics that booksellers are discussing in the Bookseller-to-Bookseller Forum are:

  • Creating a used book exchange;
  • Feminist bookseller networks;
  • Planning reading groups;
  • Mixing YA with Teen titles;
  • A query about bringing in more customers; and
  • A back-and-forth on audio book rentals.

In the Ask ABA forum, there was a query about ordering more copies of the Book Sense for Reading Groups Picks. In Ask, there were inquiries regarding redeeming Book Sense Gift Cards and using the Givex website, among others.

The Idea Exchange Forums are open to ABA bookstore and provisional members only. (Booksellers who do not already have a BookWeb Account will need to create one.)