Idea Exchange This Week

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The Education Forum on BookWeb's Idea Exchange was recently created to give ABA member booksellers an opportunity to learn and share thoughts and experiences, ask questions, and offer suggestions and tips on the material presented in ABA's various education programs, including "The 2% Solution." The forum is intended for bookseller-to-bookseller interaction, though ABA staff does moderate the postings and respond to questions when appropriate. This week, a bookseller posted the forum's first query -- about a sales-per-square-foot rule of thumb for new stores.

Among the topics that booksellers are discussing in the Bookseller-to-Bookseller Forum this week are:

  • Ideas for events that a bookstore can run twice monthly for 10- to 12-year-olds;
  • Whether anyone has tried advertising their website on Google or Yahoo
  • The search for a title published in the early 1990s.

In the Ask ABA and Inventory Control forums, threads from last week, about the recent BTW article on Music Licensing and about POS/inventory systems for a Mac computer, respectively, are still active.

The Idea Exchange Forums are open to ABA bookstore and provisional members only. (Booksellers who do not already have a BookWeb Account will need to create one.)