Helping You in New Ways: Book Lists & Bookseller DIY

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Catch up with the new tools offered by and the Bookseller DIY. Our latest developments include expanded book list features, great ways to use those features for book groups, and a new look for the Bookseller DIY.

Book Lists for Book Groups

Here's a quick rundown of how to use IndieBound book lists for your book groups:

Create an IndieBound user account under the store's name and become a fan of your own store. Create a book list for each reading group (you can create as many book lists as you have groups). All your book lists can be found from the My Book Lists link on your profile. With each list, you can:

  • Send book group members a link to their group's list
  • E-mail the list to all your members
  • Print the list, including store info, and hand out to members
  • Export to an RSS, with book descriptions, on your store's website or blog

If your store website is e-commerce enabled, purchase links to your store will be next to each title on the book group list. Create a widget for each list, and add it to your website's book group page or your store blog. Share the code with your book groups for use on their sites.

Book groups can do all of these things to administer their own lists, too. By creating an account on under the book group name and adding your store as their favorite, they can create lists and easily share them.

Book Lists Video

Check out our new video on all of the new features of the IndieBound book lists, and bookmark it to show your customers how to:

  • Add books to their Wish Lists, and add notes to each book
  • Create multiple book lists
  • Email their lists to friends and family
  • Export their lists to any website
  • And more

See the video here and on

Bookseller DIY

Here's what's new about the Bookseller DIY:

The left-hand menu collapses to display categories and sub-categories and remembers which menu options you had open no matter what page you're on. Download links are now directly beneath the image for each item. The DIY overview page provides handy tutorials, links to useful software, and more.

Three new sections provide quick access to featured items:

  • New Arrivals -- Look here first to see what's new
  • Bestsellers -- a rotating selection of the most popular IndieBound designs
  • Staff Picks -- favorite items as chosen by ABA staffers

And check out the new Bookseller DIY photo gallery of IndieBound in action in stores across the U.S. Do you have any new photos of IndieBound displays in your store? Send them to IndieBound Outreach Liaison Paige Poe.

The Bookseller DIY is available to ABA Members only. A valid BookWeb login and password are required for access.

Share IndieBound with your community: Essential getting-started DIY tools are available free-of-charge to anyone at's IndieBound To-Go. --Paige Poe