Facing Deadline, Greedy Picks Editor Exhorts Booksellers to Nominate

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This Friday, January 5, is the deadline for the March 2007 Book Sense Picks list. There's still time to make your voice heard.

"There couldn't possibly be a more taxing time for booksellers than the days leading up to the end of the holiday season, but we really do need to hear from as many booksellers as possible for the upcoming March list," said Picks Editor-in-Chief Dan Cullen. "Without input from a healthy spectrum of the Book Sense stores, the list won't be as strong and diverse a list as it should be. We've definitely been hearing about a number of wonderful titles, and many thanks to those booksellers. I hope many additional booksellers will take a moment to send in a nomination for a title that they are looking forward to handselling in March."

Nominations, noting in a few sentences why a bookseller will be enthusiastically handselling a title, may be sent by e-mail to [email protected] or via a convenient webform. (And, please, put the word "Picks" in the subject line of the e-mail.) Remember, too, what a bookseller has already written for staff picks or for store newsletter copy can be used for Book Sense Picks nominations as well.