Inks Deal to Offer Ebooks

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The American Booksellers Association has signed an agreement with Ingram Digital Ventures that will enable bookstores participating in the program to sell ebooks in three formats -- Palm, Adobe, and Microsoft -- beginning sometime in 2007. Director Len Vlahos told BTW that ABA felt now was a good time to help ease members into the ebook market. "The association has taken a wait-and-see approach to ebooks over the past several years, but we feel now is the right time," he said. "We're particularly happy to be working with Ingram Digital Ventures, as this also positions us to participate in the Caravan Project."

The Caravan Project, which is scheduled to launch a demonstration phase in early 2007, will provide book lovers with an on-demand choice in book format, similar to those available to consumers of music, film, and television. In its demonstration phase, books from six participating nonprofit publishers will be available in traditional hardcover or paperback editions along with ebooks and audiobooks, both available for download, in their entirety or in chapters. A large-print print-on-demand version is also under consideration as an additional format.

Questions about and ebooks should be addressed to Vlahos at [email protected].