Binc’s New “Bookseller Stories” Newsletter Offers Touching Testimonials

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The Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc) sent out the second volume of its new Bookseller Stories newsletter on Wednesday, April 17. The nonprofit organization launched Binc logothis monthly series so donors could see the life-saving and life-changing impact they have on the lives of booksellers every day. In each story, booksellers give their account of how Binc helped them recover from a financial emergency. Binc provides financial assistance to booksellers experiencing an emergency or hardship caused by illness, natural disasters, and more. Read the second volume of Bookseller Stories here:

“When a Routine Appointment Leads to Devastating News” (Bookseller Stories vol. 2 // April ’19)

A bookseller recently scheduled a routine eye exam, which led to the discovery of a brain tumor later confirmed benign. The news was devastating for the bookseller and their partner and families. It meant months of medical appointments, missed worked for both the bookseller and their bookselling partner, driving long distances to meet with specialists, an invasive and intense brain surgery, multiple medications, and a long recovery period. The bookseller’s partner said it was all incredibly stressful and was threatening to derail them financially. That’s when someone at their bookstore reminded them they could contact Binc.

During such a difficult period, when it takes all you’ve got to simply get from one day to the next, it can be difficult to remember that help exists. One of the very best things we can do for one another during these times is to remind booksellers that Binc is ready to step in and help right away.

So after some initial hesitation, because of their thoughtful and encouraging coworker, the bookseller’s partner contacted Binc. We were, as always, swift to respond to their situation and provide assistance. They wrote to us later saying, “When [you] confirmed [you] would help and to what level, I was immediately overcome with relief and a profound sense of gratitude. What was looking grim and terribly trying became a situation we could manage and navigate knowing our basic needs were met as we went through this experience. I am happy to say now the surgery was a success and recovery is going very well. Thanks to Binc, we made it through and were able to put our energy towards what was most important…I cannot express enough how amazing this foundation is. Thank you Binc for everything.”

This April, Binc launched the organization’s “Share the Good” fundraising campaign in pursuit of 50 new sustaining donors to add to the community; contributions from sustaining donors help at least two booksellers every month of the year. Join as a sustaining donor today.Share the Good logo

Binc sent the first “Bookseller Stories” newsletter on Monday, March 11. Additional bookseller testimonials can be found on the Great Nonprofits review website.