BEA Survey Shows Attendee Top Picks

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Three weeks ago, BookExpo America (BEA) show managers launched a City Survey Poll of the book community to find out where the industry would like to see the convention held in the future. The Web-based survey solicited feedback on sites for confirmed dates (Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York) and cities that the convention has not visited in recent years that are also under consideration, which included:

  • Washington, D.C.
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Atlanta
  • New Orleans
  • Las Vegas
  • Dallas

BEA employed the survey as part of an ongoing effort to garner industry feedback. "This has been our style over the past several years," said Greg Topalian, BEA's show manager. Because the show is "a reflection of the entire book industry," he noted that it is important to listen "to all the stakeholders…. It's very important to find out where they want to go."

Topalian said that over 500 people had responded to the poll, which he characterized as "a good representation." He noted that "the cities that we are already going to did very well" in the survey. BookExpo America 2003 is scheduled for May 28 - June 1 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. BEA 2004 is set for Chicago, and BEA 2005 will be held in New York City.

Importantly, too, Topalian told BTW that the poll underscored that "everyone likes the fact that [the show] moves around." Regarding possible future BEA sites, Washington, D.C.; Las Vegas; and New Orleans came out tops. He said, "Some of the other cities did not fare as well…. And we got the message."

Topalian said that BEA is evaluating such elements as hotel rates and transportation packages for Washington, D.C.; Las Vegas; and New Orleans, adding that "every city has its positives and negatives."
Looking ahead, he said that a decision regarding future BEA sites could come within the next six months.