AdventureKEEN Becomes Binc’s First Publisher Promotion Partner

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Regional and outdoor publisher AdventureKEEN and the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc) are launching a new initiative — SHOP LOCAL, LIVE LOCAL — that will raise funds to help booksellers in need while promoting healthy outdoor activities. As Binc’s very first publisher promotion partner, AdventureKEEN has pledged 100 percent of the profits generated by sales of its titles at independent bookstores this June to support Binc’s work of providing assistance to bookstore employees experiencing emergency financial hardships.

AdventureKEEN logpAdventureKeen publishes an array of local guides for hiking, urban walking, paddling, cycling, and camping aimed at readers who are interested in pursuing healthy outdoor activities.

“Supporting local enterprise means fortifying independent bookstores’ reputation as the place to find local resources within their communities,” said AdventureKEEN President Richard Hunt. “Publishing the best local guides available also means that we’re devoted to local authors. SHOP LOCAL, LIVE LOCAL brings together those three core initiatives — bookstores, authors, readers — plus donating to Binc. It’s a chance to help every independent bookstore across the country very directly.”

Pam French, Binc’s executive director, said the foundation is thrilled to partner with AdventureKEEN for this first-of-a-kind promotion.

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“SHOP LOCAL, LIVE LOCAL allows booksellers to do what they do best: recommend and sell books, while at the same time helping raise funds to ensure Binc is around to help booksellers for a long time,” said French, who expressed Binc’s gratitude to the American Booksellers Association, the country’s regional independent bookselling associations, and all the bookstores, booksellers, and bookstore customers who help make the foundation sustainable.

Independent bookstores excel in many areas, including serving as community centers and acting as leaders to keep jobs and tax revenues in their respective locales, said Hunt. “Booksellers are also unparalleled at selling backlist books, so developing a way that will create a benefit for every bookseller and one that isn’t pegged to a single frontlist title seems to be the best way we at AdventureKEEN can contribute to a satisfying and profitable outcome for all independents.”

“After 35 years in bookselling and publishing, it is so satisfying to create a program for independents that’s organic to their business,” he added.

For more information about SHOP LOCAL, LIVE LOCAL, booksellers can contact French at (734) 477-4789 or Hunt at (859) 815-7204.

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