07 Sep
Reading Group Indies Next List

The Fall 2022 Reading Group Guide Preview

This guide includes the following categories: Dazzling Debuts, Family and Coming of Age, Historical Fiction, Nonfiction & Memoir, and Small Bites.

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17 Aug
IndieCommerce 2.0

IndieCommerce 2.0 Update

Last week we handed over the first IC 2.0 sites to our initial group of ABA member stores, and they are hard at work populating their new sites with content. See what’s next for stores transitioning to IndieCommerce 2.0!

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03 Aug
IndieCommerce 2.0

Bookstores Are Building IndieCommerce 2.0 Websites

After over a year of development, last week the IndieCommerce team began the process of creating the first group of stores on IndieCommerce 2.0.

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15 Jun
Reading Group Indies Next List

The Summer 2022 Reading Group Guide Preview

This guide includes the following categories: Dazzling Debuts, Family and Coming of Age, Historical Fiction, Other Worlds, and Thrills & Chills.

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23 Mar
IndieCommerce New 2.0 Logo

Benefits of POS Integration with IndieCommerce

Drive new customers from your website into your bookstore and process online orders faster and more efficiently with these six POS systems that can be integrated with IndieCommerce.

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22 Feb

IndieCommerce + POS = Faster & Lower Cost Online Order Processing

IndieCommerce has been actively working to integrate popular bookstore POS systems into the IndieCommerce platform. 

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07 Dec
E-commerce update

The “New Normal” in E-commerce Looks Familiar

The pattern is similar to 2019, but the big differences are that 2021 holiday traffic is 100% higher and those customers are completing more online purchases. If the return to an old traffic pattern turns out to also be the “new normal,” this is very encouraging for online bookselling in 2022.

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20 Oct
ABC Children's Catalog 2021 Best Books

Integrate the ABC Best Books for Young Readers Catalog With Your IndieCommerce Site

This is a simple way to share the ABC catalog in newsletters and social media posts.

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28 Sep

IndieCommerce Update: Online Shopping Trends & New IC/IL Features

The most recent ABACUS report, to be released in the coming weeks, gives a new perspective on the very dramatic increase in online sales in 2020 compared to 2019. 

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25 Jun
E-Commerce Update

E-commerce Update: 2021 Sales vs. 2019

During this same week in pre-COVID 2019, online sales revenue was 360 percent less than what we’ve been experiencing over the past seven days on IndieCommerce and IndieLite websites. 

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14 Jun
E-Commerce Update

E-commerce Update: Comparing Seven Days of 2021 to Previous Years

Even though sales are down compared to the sales anomaly that was the year 2020, online sales revenue is up 369.19 percent from what was “normal” for most stores in pre-COVID 2019.

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04 Jun
IndieCommerce logo image

Ransomware Alert

If you receive a suspicious email, do not open any links or attached documents.

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18 May
IndieCommerce logo image

E-commerce Update: Online Seasonal Traffic & Sales Patterns

The dips and rises in traffic and sales that you may be seeing in your Google analytics report may reflect normal seasonal and weekly fluctuations in online traffic and sales

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