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25 Feb

You Have to Be in It, To Win With It

As the popularity of Book Sense gift cards continues to grow, ABA, taking a cue from New York State's lottery slogan, "You have to be in it, to win it," would like to remind booksellers that they have to be in the Book Sense Gift Card Program to win sales with it.

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18 Feb

Book Sense Gift Cards, the 'Coolest Thing in a Long Time'

January was a very good month for many retailers, according to an Associated Press story in the February 6 edition of the Seattle Times, which reported that last month's robust sales at many retailers around the country were well above expectations and could be an early indicator of a consumer spending recovery. The article noted that analysts point to the redemption of gift cards purchased during the holiday season as one spur to sales in a month many consider to be the least important in the retail sales calendar.

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04 Feb

ABA Releases Three-Month Gift Card Figures

With the Book Sense Gift Card program in full swing for four months now, ABA has compiled electronic gift card sales figures for the first three months of the program. The numbers indicate that gift card sales were particularly strong during the holiday season, and a number of booksellers reported significant sales increases over last year's sales of paper gift certificates.

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29 Jan

Unclaimed Property Laws -- Something for Everyone

Unclaimed property laws, which vary from state to state, cover everything from dormant savings and checking accounts, to safe deposit box contents, and unclaimed security deposits. They also govern how stores should handle the funds they hold for unused gift certificates and gift cards.

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22 Jan

Book Sense Offers New Givex FAQ for Internet Users

This week, Book Sense and Givex announced the creation of a Frequently Asked Questions PDF meant to address common questions from booksellers using the WebPOS (Internet) method to process Book Sense Gift Cards.

The FAQ can be downloaded by clicking here.

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18 Dec

It's Gift Card Season

The electronic Book Sense Gift Card Program continues to get the thumbs up from booksellers, who reported high gift card sales and easy processing when they recently spoke to Bookselling This Week. Booksellers' experiences reflect a consumer trend reported in a recent National Retail Federation "Gift Card Survey," which found that the majority (69.9 percent) of consumers plan to buy gift cards this holiday, spending an average of $34.24 per card.

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11 Dec

Booksellers Say Gift Cards an Instant Hit With Consumers

The new electronic Book Sense Gift Card Program is off to an auspicious start according to booksellers from around the country who described instant success and a painless transition to the new cards, when they recently spoke to Bookselling This Week. Booksellers' reports on consumer response to the gift cards bear out research conducted by the National Retail Federation 2003 Holiday Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, which stated that there will be a significant leap in the gift card sector, with 48.4 percent of consumers indicating that they would like to

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11 Dec

Important Information About Gift Card Reorders

With the Book Sense Gift Card Program in full swing, and the holidays upon us, booksellers participating in the gift card program should note these important announcements regarding reordering cards. Booksellers can now restock their Book Sense Gift Cards and the coordinating presenters at a newly launched web site: Booksellers need to use the same login and password, which was provided by Givex, that they use to access

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11 Dec

ABA Presents Thanks & a Book Sense Gift Card to Senator Schumer

On Monday, December 8, ABA COO Oren Teicher sent a letter to Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to thank him for his efforts to educate consumers about the ins and outs of gift cards and to provide the senator with information about the new Book Sense Gift Card program. Enclosed in the letter was a $25 Book Sense Gift Card presented to the senator by ABA, as well as a list of stores in New York State where he can redeem the card. (To read the letter in full, click here.)

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04 Dec

BTW News Briefs

Reading Your Rights Documentary Now Available for Purchase

ABFFE has announced that Reading Your Rights, the documentary about the Tattered Cover Book Store's fight for customer privacy, is now available for purchase. The 26-minute video received rave reviews from booksellers when it was shown at several regional bookseller shows this fall.

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04 Dec

Spread the Word: Book Sense Gift Cards Have No Hidden Fees

With the holiday shopping season now in full swing, a number of news outlets have found a new "hot" topic: hidden gift cards fees.

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20 Nov
20 Nov

Book Sense Announces a Lower Minimum for Gift Cards

In response to feedback from booksellers, and in an effort to give more bookstores the opportunity to participate in the Book Sense Gift Card program, Book Sense has reached an agreement with Givex, the program’s transaction processor, which lowers the minimum for generic gift card orders. Previously, the minimum was 250 cards per design and per order; now, it is just 100 cards per design and per order to get started in the program.

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19 Nov

Holiday Shoppers to Buy More Books According to Retail Survey

Good news continues to fill the cash registers of booksellers, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF) in the second installment of its 2003 Holiday Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, published on November 17. The survey revealed that 60.8 of consumers intended to purchase books, CDs, and DVDs as a holiday gift. Only apparel -- at 62.2 percent.

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18 Nov

Booksellers Have High Hopes for Gift Cards

Many recent consumer surveys are predicting a banner holiday season for retailers, and among the hot ticket items this season will be gift cards. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2003 Holiday Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, there will be a significant leap in the gift card sector, with 48.4 percent of consumers indicating that they would like to receive gift cards this year, up from 41.3 percent last year.

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