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06 Jun

ABA’s Annual Meeting & Town Hall: Finding Opportunity in Tumultuous Times

Topics of discussion at this year’s ABA Membership Meeting and Town Hall included the Justice Department actions regarding the agency model, tests of new business models, and the importance of finding a new e-book solution for ABA members.

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20 Sep

Judge Issues Preliminary Approval of States’ $69 Million E-Book Settlement

This week, U.S. District Judge Denise Cote issued an order preliminarily approving the e-book pricing settlements between 49 states and Hachette, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster.

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14 Jun

Iowa Governor Calls for Federal Sales Tax Fairness

This week, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad (R) urged his state’s U.S. senators to support the Marketplace Fairness Act, federal legislation that would allow states to require remote retailers to collect and remit sales tax in the state.

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20 Sep

Editorials Nationwide Call for Sales Tax Fairness

As the U.S. Congress headed back to work in September following its August recess, sales tax fairness once again became a hot topic. Along with myriad reports that finally began collecting sales tax for online sales in Pennsylvania and California, a number of newspapers nationwide published op-eds and editorials calling on Congress to pass sales tax fairness legislation. Here’s a look at a few editorials of note.

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27 Jun

Amazon and Subsidiaries to Begin Collecting Texas Sales Tax

On Sunday, July 1, under the parameters of a deal struck with the Texas comptroller’s office, will begin collecting and remitting sales tax to Texas for purchases made by state residents from Amazon and its many subsidiaries.

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27 Sep

Massachusetts Mayors Urge Governor to Require Amazon to Collect Sales Tax

A coalition of eight Massachusetts mayors have written to Gov. Deval Patrick to urge him to require that collect and remit sales tax for purchases made by Massachusetts residents prior to the holiday shopping season.

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28 Jun

Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act

In a ruling that surprised many experts, the Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act. The Small Business Majority hailed the decision, stating that it is a victory for small business owners “who have struggled with the excessively high cost of health insurance for decades.”

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03 Oct

BISG Annual Meeting: Change Is Constant

The rapidly changing book industry —  and how publishers and retailers are currently handling, and will in the future handle, change — from digital data advances to e-books was the main focus of the Book Industry Study Group’s annual meeting, held in New York City on Friday, September 28.

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02 Jul

Business Groups React to Health Care Ruling

The reaction of the business community to the Supreme Court’s June 28 ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act was a mixed bag of pro and con.

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11 Oct

ABA Opposes Proposed Swipe Fee Settlement

ABA announced this week that it is joining the National Association of College Stores, the National Retail Federation, the Retail Industry Leaders Association, and other trade groups in opposing the proposed $7.25 billion settlement of a federal antitrust lawsuit over skyrocketing Visa and MasterCard credit card swipe fees, which was announced in July.

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