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    Wi12 Education: Industry Professionals Map “The Life Cycle of the Book”

     “The Life Cycle of the Book” featured a bookseller, an author, an agent, and other industry professionals discussing each step of a title’s journey from idea to published book.

    Booksellers Share Remarks Prepared for Winter Institute Town Hall

    Here are prepared remarks presented at the recent ABA Town Hall by Christin Evans of The Booksmith and Kepler’s and by Angela Maria Spring, most recently of Politics & Prose, together with Hannah Oliver Depp of WORD.

    Treeline Tips & Tricks: The Transition to Edelweiss+ and Treeline Analytics News

    Edelweiss/Treeline Education Coordinator Joe Foster provides some dates for the transition from Edelweiss Classic to Edelweiss+ as well as a quick tour of what already exists in Edelweiss+.

    Lesley Stahl and Ann Patchett in Conversation at Wi12

    Sunday’s breakfast plenary at Winter Institute 12 featured authors Lesley Stahl, a longtime correspondent for 60 Minutes, and Ann Patchett, the co-owner of Parnassus Books, in a wide-ranging conversation.

    Indies Forward Aims to Unite Young Bookselling Professionals

    Young booksellers from across the country are teaming up to launch Indies Forward, a volunteer organization dedicated to cultivating the emerging generation of leaders in bookselling. 

    Using What We Have: A Conversation Regarding Simon & Schuster and Milo Y.

    Amy Stephenson and Christin Evans of The Booksmith explain why the store felt compelled to take action in response to Simon & Schuster’s decision to publish a book by Milo Yiannopoulos.

    The Top Sources of IndieCommerce Store Traffic in 2016

    Three referral sources were responsible for almost 75 percent of IndieCommerce traffic in 2016, according to IndieCommerce Director Phil Davies.

    2016 Holiday Season Ends on High Note

    Despite a slow start and some weather challenges, indie booksellers who spoke to Bookselling This Week reported a strong end to the holiday shopping season.

    Treeline Tips & Tricks: New Ways to Filter

    Edelweiss/Treeline Education Coordinator Joe Foster shows new ways to filter a catalog or list of titles in Edelweiss+ so you can quickly see those things that are most relevant to your current project.

    A Holiday Preparations Checklist

    Here is BTW’s annual holiday preparations checklist, offering reminders to help smooth day-to-day operations at your store during the upcoming season.

    Forging Connection, One Step at a Time: A Letter From ABA’s President

    In the wake of the recent election, ABA President Betsy Burton writes that independent booksellers must keep doing what they always do — move forward in their own communities one step at a time.

    Treeline Tips & Tricks: Holiday Preparedness

    Edelweiss/Treeline Education Coordinator Joe Foster shows booksellers how to use Treeline Analytics and Edelweiss+ to ensure they’re prepared for the holidays.

    A Letter From ABA CEO Oren Teicher

    ABA’s CEO reminds booksellers about resources for Indies First on Small Business Saturday and looks ahead to BookExpo, where changes will make it easier for booksellers to do business with publishers.

    July–September 2016: ABA Member Stores Opening/Sold

    The third quarter of 2016 saw 16 ABA member store openings and three sales of existing businesses to new owners.

    Treeline Tips & Tricks: Getting Affiliated on Edelweiss+

    Edelweiss/Treeline Education Coordinator Joe Foster shows how booksellers can find a deeper integration of community activity in Edelweiss+.


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