ABA Education at BookExpo to Highlight Multicultural Inclusion Tactics for Booksellers

    At this year’s BookExpo, member booksellers can participate in a roundtable discussion to learn new ways to implement diversity and inclusion in their stores.

    Summer Marketing Ideas the Topic of Booksellers’ Virtual Roundtable

    Chalkboard signs don’t have to be the only marketing tool indie bookstores use to drive customers into their shops during the summer months.

    In Case You Missed It: 13 Education Sessions Now Available via BTW

    Here’s the complete list of Winter Institute education sessions covered by Bookselling This Week in the issues following the event. Check them out and learn something new today!

    How a Safety Retail Audit Can Drop Your Bookseller Risks

    LIBRIS, the insurance program supported by ABA that offers tailored, affordable bookstore coverage, is encouraging booksellers to schedule a regular retail safety audit to help lower their liability.

    Wi13 Education: Capturing the Travel, Religion, and Cookbook Enthusiast

    Booksellers at Winter Institute heard from bookseller and publisher panelists about how to use creative marketing, merchandising, events, and hand-selling to sell more books in specific genres.

    Spring Forums Coming Up in MIBA, MPIBA Regions

    The Spring Forums, featuring the ABA education session “A Year of Bookstore Profitability,” will be held April 23 in St. Louis, Missouri, and April 25 in Evergreen, Colorado.

    Wi13 Education: Best Practices for Conducting Staff Meetings

    Bookseller panelists at Winter Institute discussed how staff meetings can reinforce a bookstore’s mission and provide an opportunity to share updates and brainstorm solutions to problems.

    Bookseller Roundtable Calls Attention to Free Digital Marketing Tools

    The most recent online marketing roundtable hosted by ABA introduced participating booksellers to a number of digital marketing tools that are available online and free to use.

    Small Business Majority Acquires, Expands Educational Online Lending Platform

    The Small Business Majority has introduced expanded resources to Venturize.org, an educational online lending platform that the organization took over in February. 

    Wi13 Education: Hiring for Diversity and Inclusion

    Creating a diverse workforce often requires a new and different approach to hiring, including fostering relationships with customers and the community and looking outside the typical sources for candidates.

    Wi13 Education: Courting the Romance Reader

    A panel of booksellers and publishers discussed best practices for developing successful relationships with romance readers in their communities, from inventory selection to event planning.


    Wi13 Education: A Bookstore on Wheels: Owning and Operating a Bookmobile

    Bookseller panelists at Winter Institute offered some food for thought to booksellers considering starting a bookmobile or adding a mobile aspect to their store.

    Children’s Institute to Feature Array of Education

    Educational programming at the June 19–21 ABC Children’s Institute will include sessions on planning and executing successful large-scale events, reaching underserved communities, selling YA to adults, and much more.

    New in ABA’s Learning on Demand: Hacking Your Bookseller Salary

    BookWeb’s Learning on Demand page now features a video of the Winter Institute education session “Hacking Your Bookseller Salary” with Jesse Mecham, author of You Need a Budget.

    Wi13 Education: Best Practices for Buying, Marketing, and Hand-selling Diverse Books

    “Increasing representation and expanding your bookstore selection to include more books by diverse authors is an opportunity to increase sales,” said panel moderator Aaron Curtis, a buyer for Books & Books.


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