17 Jun

American Booksellers Association’s National “Boxed Out” Campaign Returns as Antitrust Legal Action Heats Up in Time for Amazon’s Prime Day

Amazon is marketing its Prime Day event as two days of “epic deals,” but ABA’s #BoxedOut campaign is returning to talk about what’s at stake.

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03 Jun

House Withdraws FISA Bill, Sends to Conference Committee

The move to conference committee came after House Democrats withdrew the bill due to opposition in the House and the threat of a veto from President Trump. Opponents argued the bill did not make significant reforms to warrantless surveillance.

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27 May

ABFE Signs Letters in Support of PATRIOT Act Reforms

A privacy amendment prohibits the use of Section 215 for warrantless surveillance of people’s internet search and browsing history. 

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25 Mar

Senate Debate Continues for Federal Small Business Relief Passage

On the morning of March 25, Republican and Democratic leadership in the U.S. Senate said they had reached a deal on a $2 trillion stimulus package that provides support to small businesses.

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11 Mar

San Francisco Approves Vacant Property Tax

Starting January 1, 2021, San Francisco will “tax owners or tenants that keep ground floor retail or other commercial space vacant in some areas of the city and to use these revenues to assist small business.” 

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19 Feb
05 Feb

ABFE Joins 10 Organizations in Opposing Missouri Library Censorship Bill

The act requires the creation of a parental library review board tasked with identifying and restricting sexual material considered age-inappropriate for children.

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10 Dec
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Fourth Circuit Rules Against Maryland Online Speech Law

The law required media outlets with more than 100,000 unique monthly visitors to publish names and contact information for those who purchased online political advertisements.

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26 Nov
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Congress Passes Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act

The passage of the act comes after months of protests in a pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. President Trump has not confirmed whether he will sign the act.

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20 Nov
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ABFE Signs Letter in Opposition to PATRIOT Act Extension

Jake Laperruque of the Project on Government Oversight told Bookselling This Week, “Reforming the PATRIOT Act is a critical priority, and one that Congress cannot shrug off even in challenging times.”

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16 Oct

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Introduces Legislation to Hold Largest Corporations Accountable

Warren takes issue with “shareholder value maximization,” in which a company’s primary goal is to increase the wealth of its shareholders. 

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