07 Aug

ABACUS Deadline Next Friday

Time is running out for the 2008 ABACUS Study. Data gathering for this year's survey of independent bookstores' 2007 financial operations comes to an end on Friday, August 15, and a significant increase in ABA member participation is still needed in order to make the study a reality.

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31 Jul

Bookseller Urges ABACUS Participation

In response to last Thursday's Bookselling This Week article reporting that the 2008 ABACUS Study is in jeopardy, Amy Thomas, the president of Pandora's Books Inc., which includes Pegasus and Pendragon Books, posted the following letter in BookWeb's Bookseller-to-Bookseller Forum.

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24 Jul

Increased ABACUS Participation Needed by August 15

A significant increase in the number of ABA member stores participating in the 2008 ABACUS survey is needed to make this year's study a reality.

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10 Jul

Booksellers on ABACUS: 'Powerful,' 'Effective,' 'Indispensable'

For many ABA members, the ABACUS Survey has become an indispensable tool, helping them to manage day-to-day operations, make crucial business decisions, and accurately plan for the near future.

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01 Jul

ABACUS Deadline Is August 15

Data-gathering for the 2008 ABACUS Survey, which opened in February, will end on Friday, August 15.

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20 May

ABACUS Help Available at BEA

For most booksellers, completing the easy-to-use 2008 ABACUS Survey now underway via a simple, confidential electronic form on BookWeb.org will take about an hour.

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07 May

ABACUS Help Available at BEA

All ABA member stores can participate in the 2008 ABACUS Survey, now underway via a simple, confidential online form. For most booksellers, completing the easy-to-use ABACUS Survey form will take about an hour.

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23 Apr

ABACUS: Easy to Do, Great Benefits

Data gathering for the 2008 ABACUS Survey is now underway via a simple, confidential online form. All ABA member stores are encouraged to participate in the survey, which provides participants with a customized analysis of their business' financial results that can be used to evaluate and improve store performance. As an added bonus, participating stores receive a $50 rebate.

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26 Mar
26 Feb

Turn Tax Prep Into a Positive: Join the ABACUS Survey

Gathering your business' financial data for tax time? Well, then, now's also the perfect time to provide 2007 financial data to the 2008 ABACUS Survey.

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14 Feb

2008 ABACUS Survey Data Gathering Begins

Bookstore members of the American Booksellers Association can now begin submitting 2007 financial data to the 2008 ABACUS Study via a secure and confidential electronic survey form on BookWeb.org.

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31 Jan

ABA Releases 2007 ABACUS Results

ABA member bookstores participating in the 2007 ABACUS Survey recently received their individual store reports and a $50 dues rebate check. Now, the American Booksellers Association is making the 2007 ABACUS Review (PDF format) available to all member booksellers via BookWeb.org.

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28 Aug

2007 ABACUS to Become a Reality

The 2007 ABACUS Study of independent bookstore financial operations, which was in jeopardy due to an insufficient number of respondents, will be published this year. The turnaround came at the 11th hour, when a large number of ABA member stores submitted their 2006 financial data by the midnight deadline on Sunday, August 19.

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16 Aug

ABACUS Deadline Extended Until Midnight Sunday

Due to the last-minute rush of ABACUS submissions for the 2007 ABACUS study, ABA is extending the deadline to midnight on Sunday, August 19.

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25 Jul

ABACUS: Benefiting From the Wisdom of Crowds

On its own, a financial statement is a fairly straightforward tool that allows a business owner to determine net profit or loss. But when it's read in a vacuum, comprehending the reasons behind the profit or loss can be daunting.

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